Thursday, July 23, 2015

ARC REVIEW Over the Top by Rebecca Zanetti

Sigh, finally Dawn and Hawk's story! Over the Top is book four in Rebecca Zanetti's Maverick Montana series. Through the previous three books Dawn has not hidden the fact the she is love with Hawk Rain and it's fairly obvious he loves her too but he has his secrets and is using his secrets to keep her and her family safe from his over all mission. Not to mention he is afraid to loosing the closest thing to a family he has ever had should the relationship between Dawn and him fail. I love Rebecca Zanetti, she is a great story teller and this book is all kinds of steamy hot and action.

Hawk is back in Maverick for the time being before he rushes off to fulfill a promise he made in the mean time he is going to try and stay far away from Dawn Freeze as he can, but the little siren is calling him and he can not stop the lure of the one woman he can't stop let go of. Dawn is determined to get over Hawk, no matter how hard she tries he is still there in her mind and in her heart. It's not helping that the meddling old biddies in town have their minds made up to match the pair.

When the two finally get together it's better than either of them ever expected, but Hawk's wishy washy attitude about them just pisses Dawn off and all to soon the secret Hawk is keeping from his friends comes rushing up and Hawk has no choice but to accept the help the Freeze/Lodge family has freely offered. They even accept the fact that Hawk and Dawn have slept together well, after one of them punched Hawk the face they did. All together they face the secrets from Hawk's past.

Some of the things I love, that Rebecca Zanetti does very well, one is a damn good Alpha Male. They are over protective, loyal to no end, love deeply, and when the shit goes down they know know when to bend. Another thing I love is the humor just the right amount of funny to break up the hot sex and heart pounding action, especially when it's elderly ladies making inappropriate and embarrassing remarks and suggestions but have hearts of gold.    

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