Tuesday, June 23, 2015

ARC REVIEW Wicked Ride by Rebecca Zanetti

Wicked Ride is the start of Rebecca Zanetti's spin off series of The Dark Protectors, The Realm Enforcers. The witches of the Realm who are in charge of protecting the magic and keeping the witches in line. This isn't a MC romance it is so much more. It is Paranormal, Suspense, Action Packed, Plasma Ball Exploding Awesomeness. Much like Rebecca's other series the boys are Alpha, stubborn, sexy as sin and grade "A" hero material and her girls are strong, stubborn, easy to love but don't give their love easily. I loved this book, it was action packed and suspenseful with the right amount of naughty mayhem.

The dangerous mineral that was mined in Russia that has proven to be is harmful even deadly to witches has turned up as the hot new illegal drug on the streets of Seattle. Kellach Dunne his two brothers and one Council member, who is also a cousin are their trying to track down the person behind it. Vice-Cop Alexandra Monzelle is trying to track down the drug, Apollo, that if overdosed can literally burn up a person's insides. Trying to go undercover hasn't revealed much but one night when she thinks she finally has something everything goes wrong when a smokin' hot biker shows up and takes three guys out. Now Alexandra, or Lex to her friends, gets kinda of annoying at parts because she has trust issues she is always second guessing Kell, and if she would trust him when she said she did it wouldn't have... well then their wouldn't be much of a story. Instead of working together Kell and Lex butting heads the entire time, well except for when they are bumping uglies. The player behind Apollo is someone they never expected and was a satisfying turn of events. Kell is undercover with a human MC trying to find out their supplier and that is the main reason Lex doesn't trust him even when he explains everything she still has trust issues. It all routes back to her father and the reason she tries so hard to be a good cop.

Overall I have high hopes for this series, with it's predecessor Dark Protectors as good as it is I expect The Realm Enforcers to be even better and with this as to kick off the series I know it will be.  

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