Thursday, November 5, 2015

ARC REVIEW Wicked Edge by Rebecca Zanetti

More Wicked Goodness from Rebecca Zanetti. This is the second book of the Dark Protectors spin off series, The Realm Enforcers. Wicked Edge is typical Zanetti, Alpha male meets his match in a strong willed and stubborn woman. I love the direction this book went and who the characters were. This book takes you across the world as Daire and Cee Cee try and track down the villains behind the mining of the deadly mineral that has the abilities to kill witches and temporarily give humans powers but can also kill them too; also tracking down the demon who killed Cee Cee's mate. This was a great read, fun, edge of your seat action that will blow you away.

Daire sees her across a crowded room, her come hither looks, dark eyes and white blond hair is calling to Daire; daring him to come get some. Daire answers the call he takes her home and is promptly drugged and knocked out. Cee Cee hated to do this to Daire, but it is all a means to the end she needed the intel that the Coven has on the mines letting her know who owns which mines so she doesn't accidentally blow up the wrong ones. Daire wakes up pissed beyond belief but he manages to track down Cee Cee in Norway just in time to save her bacon from a backstabbing demon. But not quite in time to stop her from imploding all the mines that are owned by one particular demon she has been strategically working to ruin. Daire is also there to protect her from the vicious polar bears and another demon attack. Finally when they are safe after having their helicopter shot down and having to spend the night on a tiny frozen island; Cee Cee finally reveals her intentions. Daire and the other want to help but Cee Cee still has everything planned out and doesn't need him in the way, even if it means knocking him out again and kind of destroying his penthouse apartment. Unfortunately for her witches can build up antibodies and by the time she tries for the third time to knock him out he has the antibodies and the knock out drug doesn't work anymore.

Daire is so good, I love him, he is the gruff one the tough one but when it comes to Cee Cee he's so sweet. He is determined to protect her even if she doesn't want it or think she needs it. It gets to the point I was yelling at the book, "Just give it up already!" When it comes to Cee Cee's family he handles them so well. This book is practically nonstop action, it's funny in the typical Zanetti fashion also. Overall. this book is another winner for Rebecca Zanetti.      

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