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On the Hunt is a collection of four novellas by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti, Dianne Duvall, and Hannah Jayne. All the stories have the same theme of hunting or being hunted. I loved three out of four of these the last one just isn't my cup of tea, I really didn't like anything about it.

On the Hunt: Alexandra Ivy

An in between novella for the Sentinel series. Mika has always loved Bailey. But for reasons of her own, aside being very head strong, parts ways from Mika. Years later Mika is tracking down a boy and it leads him straight to Bailey's front door. After all those years no matter how hard she tried Bailey could not forget Mika and her love for him and his sudden reappearance is doing things to her head. When the runaway boy leads Bailey into a trap by a psycho looking to live forever Mika is her only hope and she knows it's only a matter of time before he does.

I love this series and I am always happy to see another HEA to come out of the universe. On the Hunt is an action packed and feel good romance. I love a good second chance romance.

SCORPIUS RISING: Rebecca Zanetti

Disregard what the the goodreads.com blurb it is very wrong, the only thing right is their is a strange pandemic going on and it's not killing everyone but mutating some. Nora Mendina just started her well deserved vacation when a bunch of government agents basically kidnap her. The man behind it is her ex-husband Deacan MacDougall. Deacan has very much changed since she left the damaged military man she once knew the only thing that hasn't changed was his feeling for her. Unfortunately getting back together wasn't the reason for her abduction. A meteorite landed in the Nevada desert and the group of students who found it got sick with some kind of alien bacteria. As one of the world's leading Microbiologist and her best friend the are racing to find a cure. While trying to find a cure her assistant is contaminated and goes crazy and starts spreading the bacteria. Deacan is determined to stop the pandemic and convince Nora she still loves him.

I loved this story it was a brilliant beginning to the new series. It's exciting and romantic, and so in depth detail wise. It reminded me a little of The Andromeda Strain mixed with Fated. Great story I can't wait for more


Yuri Sokolov has lived a long time as one of the Immortal Guardians, and as such he has special abilities even when he was human he could see and talk to ghosts. Cat Seddon haunts the home of the Immortal Guardians, her brother is the only connection she had to the mortal plain and since he's an Immortal Guardian that's where she stays. Cat has become fascinated with one of the Russian guardians, she follows him and watches him, never knowing that he could see her too until one day he spoke to her. From them on out they created a close friendship than soon developed into something more. They even found a way to visit each other in Yuri's dreams. But with dangers unbounding against the immortals and Yuri getting more reckless. Cat is afraid he is injuring himself on purpose, he is but not for the reason she thinks. The more injured he is the longer his healing sleep is the more time her has with her.      

This was a very bitter sweet one for me to read. It takes place before and during Night Unbound and if you've read it, you know what happens to Yuri at the end of the book. The entire thing made me want to cry it is such a sweet and romantic story that doesn't seem like it should have a happy ending, but it had me crying like crazy.   

STAKE OUT: Hannah Jayne

Unlike the rest of the Underworld Detection Agency, this one is told from Nina's point of view. Nina has made her break in the fashion world and is now getting rest for Fashion Week in New York. Until some pretty stiff competition shows up and starts showing up Nina. Next thing she know the model she just fired for hitting on her boyfriend winds up dead in her studio, and then undead and running amok and changing the rest of the models. Nina, her photographer boyfriend, and her nephew try and track down the bite happy model and find out who is behind it all before it ruins Fashion Week and her career.

I just didn't like this one. I didn't like Nina or any of the other characters, the story seemed bland nothing about it really stuck out to me as special. It just isn't my personal preference.     

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