Tuesday, December 23, 2014

REVIEW Marked by Rebecca Zanetti

I truly loved this series. Rebecca Zanetti's Dark Protectors series is the epitome of Alpha males. From Fated with Talon to this newest one with, finally, Zane you have strong, devoted, Alpha males who when they love they love hard. I, like many others were very excited for this book's release, some of us have been waiting since the very first introduction of Zane and Janie in Fated. Marked is a game changer it's the end of the Dark Protectors series but it is by no means permanently over. Rebecca Zanetti has several spin offs planned the first series being The Realm Enforcers centering around the witch Kellach Dunne.

Zane and Janie have come along way, and with peace talks starting it is finally revealed just what Zane is, a big secret throughout the series. I guessed what it was back in Hunted, but I guess I'm just that good because several of my other Rebels were very surprised by the outcome. (NO SPOILERS!) The Demons and The Kurjans can not be trusted. The peace talks have started and everyone has stated what they want and with that all out in the air Janie's life is put even more in danger. Zane has a plan but he hasn't filled in Janie so when the Kurjans do a mass attack on the Kayrs Zane pops up and kidnaps Janie. He saves her life but that really doesn't matter he ends up stealing her shoes to keep her there in the Alaskan wilderness until he gets other things in motion, like finding his mother and saving his two younger brothers. Humorous scene when Zane finally brings Janie back to the Kayrs compound.

The virus debonding the mates gets airborne and everything seriously gets worse. It's looks like the end of the vampires but miracles tend to happen when things are looking the darkest. This book was absolutely everything I hoped it would be.          

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