Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Change of Heart by Jude Deveraux

I am a fan of the Edilean series, but this one lacked the magic of the previous ones I have read. I did enjoy the first part which contained the original novella in the Holiday of Love anthology. Eli and Chelsea worked together to get Eli's mom out from under his dad's manipulative father even thought they have been divorced for some time, another manipulation caused by Eli and Chelsea. Eli has a pen pal in mind, a billionaire he meet on a class trip and kept in contact with. Miranda, Eli's mom, is a nurse and gets offered a job to nurse a rich man in his convalescence. Miranda has been picturing a kindly old man and is taken back when she discovers a ruggedly handsome man. Frank is taken back by the motherly and warm nurse send by his brother, he soon figures out she is his friend Eli's mother and that she was sent their to fall in love with him. Miranda is like no other woman Frank has ever met and very quickly falls in love. he almost blows it when his assistant shows up and plants a seed of doubt. Frank knows he is going to have to change if he wants to win Miranda back, and with Eli's help he just might be successful.

The second part of the story follows Eli and Chelsea grown up they have gone their separate ways and lost contact with each other. Eli has always loved Chelsea and her abandoning him as a teenager hurt him. He has kept track of her keeping an eye on her for when she was ready he would put himself out their for her again. Chelsea got off track in Eli's opinion, she became a model and did that whole scene but soon lost interest in that and just floated about doing things and dating random handsome men, when the latest one drops her she returns home and shortly after receives an invite to Eli's new home in Edilean, Virginia. Just to appease her parents she  goes but what she finds blows her mind. That's not the Eli she left all those years ago. But just like Frank and Miranda they have to work through their differences before either can admit to loving the other.

Over all the second half seemed rushed, I think the first part could have been left off and Eli and Chelsea's story could have gone a little slower and filled enough for it's own book.  

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