Thursday, October 30, 2014

REVIEW Made For You: by Lauren Layne

The Best Mistake book two is just a good as the first one. What I loved about this is that even if you haven't read the first book it goes back over their entire past, even what happened in the first book, so you get the full picture of their relationship. I love the opposites attract trope especially when it comes to Brynn and Will with such a deep hidden attraction between them it's funny to read. Brynn who appeared so stuffy and slightly bit of a Bitch is shown in a different light, you learn why she acts the way she acts and how good Will is for her. Will is such a sexy lust worthy man, a bit of a player but when it comes to his relationship with Brynn he couldn't be anymore serious or sensual.

From High School to current Will and Brynn have bickered and snipped at each other, outwardly they hate each other. Will has always loved Brynn from when she was a beautiful young well put together cheerleader. But Brynn still suffering self esteem issues didn't know how to handle it when the hottest guy in school started to flirt. Will had his chance with Brynn when she finally admitted she wanted Will, but only seeing him as a lazy and as a ladies man she never thought it would be more than once, just an inch to scratch. Will is obviously hurt by the news and leaves town.

Three years later, Will is back in town and Brynn's current boyfriend of two years just broke up with her. Brynn has a bit of an identity crisis chops of all her hair dies it dark from her glorious blond and buys some new casual clothes so different from her snazzy matching outfits. As part of her wild side she agrees to an affair with her new neighbor, Will. Will shows Brynn that spontaneity can be a good thing. Will also learns the why of Brynn's ice princess attitude and tries his best to melt his way past it. Brynn also learns that she doesn't know Will like she thought she did all because she tried to push him away it all changes when they become intimate. But Brynn is scared of the uncertainty that comes with a relationship with Will and break it off, to revert back to the way she was. Will knows he loves Brynn but unless she can face what she really wants he can't be around her, because it hurts to much. I loved reading about Brynn and Will. I hope the next book is about Gray's sister.    

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