Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Unforgivable Fix: by T.E. Woods

The newest novel from T.E. Woods another outstanding Justice novel. I swear these just keep getting better. Mort and Lydia come together again this time to fight something a little closer to home. If my hands hadn't been holding my tablet I would have been wringing my hands the entire five hours it took me to read this book. I was so emotionally involved in this story I put it down for nothing. (Lucky the kids were at school at the time) This is the kind of series that is best if you have read the other books, you can still enjoy it if you haven't but really think about reading the first two before it just makes it smoother and less confusing when you start this one.

Seattle detective Mort Grant has finally decided to sell the family house. He is finally letting go of all the memories attached to the house and move on. Lydia after listening to Mort once again tell her she needs to get out and move on as well. Keeping his advice in mind when an old friends calls and asks if she con take on a temp partner who needs to clock in time with patients. Lydia opens her office again and opens it to patients. Lydia faces her own problems when the unlicensed doctor working under her starts to have some unusual dealings with his cases. When a high standing social figure is charged with sexually abusing his step daughter and the girls biological father goes to Lydia for help things start to get messy for The Fixer.

Mort's missing daughter Allie has gotten involved with some very shady characters and now is on the run from them; she runs to Dad. After being gone for almost five years Allie shows up knowing her Dad can help. Mort asks Lydia if they can stay with her until they get things situated with the very bad people after Allie. Lydia has an instant dislike to Allie, she can't really explain why. It's a mix of jealousy of having Mort as a father, such a devoted and loving father like him, and their is something off putting about her and her ability to manipulate people to her will. Lydia doesn't want Allie in her house because she doesn't want her to discover that she is the Fixer.

Allie plays at the poor daughter, but she really is a master manipulator. She knows she got her self into this mess and she is using Mort and her lovers enemies to her advantage. Unfortunately her actions lead to more than Mort can handle. This book had me suffering from a major book hangover.        

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