Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cover Your Eyes by Mary Burton

Cover Your Eyes new Romantic Suspense from Mary Burton. Wooo emphasis on the suspense. A mind bending thriller and I guessed wrong!! I always make a guess and most of the time (almost always) I guess right, not this time. It is an attention grabber, it enthralled me to the very end. Mary Burton is a magician with writing, she makes you look in one direction when she is leading you somewhere else completely. It is definitely a book that I will recommend to anyone who reads suspense, mystery and thrillers.

Rachel Wainwright is still a relatively new public defender she changed her major after her brother was wrongly convicted of a crime and wasn't exonerated until after his death in jail. Rachel has now devoted her time to helping people who were wrongly convicted. Her newest case is a man convicted of murder thirty years ago. He is on deaths bed and his only wish is to be free and spend his last moments with his son. Rachel wants to believes him she has gone over everything and thinks their is enough to cause reasonable doubt especially if she can get a DNA testing done on the evidence found. Rachel stirs up enough trouble that she has made herself a target.

Detective Deke Morgan is the son of the man who made his career on that case and as much as he doesn't want to believe Rachel something in his gut tells him she's right. Especially when more murdered woman fitting the same MO as the one from thirty years ago. To top it all off Deke is having very strong feelings for Rachel. Rachel has issues with trust but for some reason she feels safe with Deke. With new evidence popping up and more people dying Rachel and Deke work together to find out the truth.  

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