Thursday, November 27, 2014

REVIEW The Seek by Ros Baxter

If there was a sci-fi series to suck me in and make me salivate for the next book it would be this one. 

It’s a post world annihilation setting where the remaining survivors have spent the last seventeen years looking for a new home; stuck on different space stations the people were basically divided in to caste such as civilians, scientist, explorers, breeders, and warriors and intermingling is against the rules. Ros Baxter weaves a dystopian type futuristic setting where everyone hopes to find a new world to live in and the Avengers break the rules to live life to the fullest. The truth lies deep beneath the surface and the Council that leads the survivors has secrets hidden away and the people they have labeled traitors aren't what they seem. 

In this second book of the New Earth series we follow Kyntura the first and only female Avenger a class of warrior whose job it is to defend. The Avengers has a high mortality rate, and Kyn has survived as long as she has to become a teacher. She pushes her students to breaking points so that they survive. To her, her job is everything and the Council’s word is law that can be bent a little now and then but she believes in them and that they want the best for everyone. But everything changes when Kyn is told her latest batch of students is off to yet another possible match for New Earth and she asks to go with them. She runs across some old friends she had to leave behind long ago when she became an Avenger and they fight an alien race hell bent on scaring and killing every human off the planet.

Kyn remembers when the Earth was destroyed, and like many of the Avengers she suffers from a sort of PTSD and she frequently has flashbacks that give insight into why she is the way she is and why she took that path. It is an action packed and emotional story that left with an open ending for the next book. With the feel of Starship Troopers and Battlestar Galactica The Seek is a enjoyable and exciting journey. I can tell this is just the tip of the iceberg in the series and I can't wait to discover the rest of the story.   

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