Tuesday, November 25, 2014

REVIEW Tall, Dark and Royal by Vanessa Kelly

And the story continues... What started in Lost in His Royal Kiss continues fourteen years later, YEAAAAA!!!! finally Dominic and Chloe are together. In the series prequel Lost in His Royal Kiss we meet teen-aged Dominic and Chloe already very close and already half in love with each other but Chloe's kind heart got her in to a bit of trouble when the youngest prince took advantage of her and forced himself on her and she ended up pregnant. Forced to leave and live with her uncle Dominic and Chloe are separated and don't see each other again until fourteen years later. I love this series Vanessa Kelly writes great romance that keeps you on your toes for what will happen next.

Chloe always regretted the decisions she was forced into making she tries her best to make it up and redeem herself by helping other girls that end up is situations like hers. But she still feels guilty so guilty that she isn't willing to let herself have her happy ending with Dominic. Dominic has other plans he is just waiting for a sign from her, after a couple months after being reunited and nothing he gets a note from her son saying she is in trouble. One of Chloe's girls attracted the attentions of the wrong man and now Chloe is caught in the middle and if Chloe is in trouble Dominic is right their with her. At first things between them is great until Dominic goes all domineering Alpha male and Chloe balks, determined she doesn't need help or Dominic protection.

I love Vanessa Kelly she has not written anything that I didn't like and I am very excited to read the next one coming out the beginning of January.

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