Saturday, November 8, 2014

REVIEW The Viscount's Christmas Temptation by Erica Ridley

This is the prequel novella to Erika Ridley's newest series The Dukes of War. If the rest of the series is as entertaining as this one it is going to be a great series. Amelia is a great character especially when she refers to Debrett's Peerage as a catalog when her brother catches her looking for a husband. It's a great and fast and fun read.

As domineering, bossy, and head strong woman Lady Amelia Pembroke is, you really can't help but like her. She makes it her duty to know everything that's going on in her brothers household and knows exactly how to do just about everything she even plans back-up, back-up plans. She has run her brother's household with ease and grace treats the staff with kindness and respect. She knows he needs to marry and she wants to be out of the house and married before he marries and she has to give up the household duties to his wife. She has a set list of requirements and a list of eligible bachelors. All she needs is the Annual Sheffield Christmas Ball. The 75th Annual Sheffield Ball however has been canceled, but Amelia has plans and they will not be deterred. She basically ambushes Lord Benedict Sheffield and maneuvers him into letting her throw the party last minute. Amelia's gentle maneuverings to make sure she gets her way are brilliant.

Benedict St. John, Viscount Sheffield, has a strict schedule from 8 am to 8 pm is all business; after that he well he knows how to have a good time. When Lady Amelia approaches him about his families annual ball he is at first hesitant wanting just a relaxing holiday instead. But their is something about Amelia that appeals to him, with her no-nonsense straight to the point maneuverings he fantasizes about showing her how to have a good time and before he knows it he's in love.      

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