Monday, December 1, 2014

REVIEW His for the Holidays by Cherry Shephard

His for the Holidays a Romantic Christmas novella by Cherry Shephard. For some reason I find I just didn't like this one that much; all the characters, exception of Mom and Dad, over react about everything. Granted the situation I probably would have done something similar, but damn, just because it's something I would do doesn't mean I want to read about it some girl doing the same thing. I generally like my female leads to be just a little bit stronger then just cut 'n run type. Other than all the over reacting it was fine the story was okay, I think if it had more to it and was full length it might have worked better because it did seem rushed.

Angel Lambert has loved Riley Anderson for as long as she can remember. Riley is a bit of a one night stand only kinda guy and everything about Angel screams commitment but that doesn't stop him from having one night with her. Riley acting the part of an ass swiftly pushes her away right after taking her virginity and tells her she'll come crawling back to him for more. Angel completely heart broken runs away; she runs with out saying good bye to her family and she stays gone for eight years.

Angel finally comes back home for Christmas for her family and comes face to face with the man even after the heart break she still loves. Riley claims he has changed and wants a chance with with Angel again that he realized he screwed up as soon as he realized she left. Angel is willing to try again learning more about Riley's past then she ever knew before but her brother has a strong hatred to his former friend. Can her brother's history with Riley cloud her opinion. Can she trust Riley to be faithful and honest? Can Riley prove his love is true?  

Disclaimer: I would like to remind you that just because I didn't like the book, doesn't mean anything. If you think a book sounds interesting you should give it a try because my opinion of the book is just that my opinion. I would never NOT recommend a book because everyone has different tastes, even my best friends who like that same books I like, like stuff I don't and vise-versa.  

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