Tuesday, December 23, 2014

REVIEW Watch Me by Cynthia Eden

Disregarding the fact that it is one of the rules of any bodyguard is to not fall in love with their charges; that Whitney Houston movie really charged up a now much desired troupe. Cynthia Eden has written these to show the closeness between the two and that it can lead to some delicious sexual tension. Overall this was a good read. It had great sexual tension and enjoyable suspense.

Gwen and Chance have had history. When Chance was just beginning he needed to make all the right contacts and Gwen's father was one of those contacts. Highered to keep her safe Chance was the only bodyguard Gwen didn't try to escape from. From the first moment they both felt a strong attraction, but Chance couldn't risk his job to give in to the lust he felt for her. But this went bad and he thought he lost his chance. Now some months later Gwen has a stocker and Chance makes it his duty to protect her. Chance finally is able to admit just how much he really wants and has wanted Gwen, but ill timed words from her Father can ruin it all, and when Gwen's stocker turns out to be not what is expected Chance could lose Gwen forever.

Two more books are to follow and I look forward to reading them.

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