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ONE MONTH OF ELLE KENNEDY Blog tour After Hours series

Elle Kennedy
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A USA Today bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a BA in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

Elle loves to hear from her readers. Visit her website www.ellekennedy.com or sign up for her newsletter to receive updates about upcoming books and exclusive excerpts. You can also find her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter (@ElleKennedy).

One Night of Sin

Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

When it comes to sex, good girl Skyler Thompson always plays it safe, choosing stable and sedate over wild and thrilling. She doesn’t do one-night-stands, but one look at sinfully sexy Gage Holt and she’s willing to reconsider. He makes her want to be bad for once in her life, and she’s prepared to take what she wants.

Danger follows former MMA fighter Gage Holt like a shadow. Despite his successes as part owner of Sin, an exclusive nightclub in Boston, Gage can’t risk getting involved with a woman, especially one as sweet as Skyler. Still, he can’t resist a taste—and it’s so damn good he has to see her again.

As addicted as he is to her, Gage knows there’s no future for him and Skyler—not with his past lurking in the dark corners of an MMA cage. But Skyler’s tougher than she looks, and she’s ready to fight for her man.

Goodreads Book Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightSinGR
Amazon Buy Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightSinAM
Barnes & Noble Buy Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightSinBN

“I’m Skyler,” she said.
He nodded.
“Maybe you’re new to civilized society, but normally when people introduce themselves, you reply by providing your own name.” She arched one perfectly defined eyebrow.
“Is that right?” His lips twitched. “Well, what makes you think I’m at all civilized, Skyler?”
That made her falter. She bit her lower lip. Tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, and the scent of her shampoo floated his way. She smelled like green apples. A sweet and feminine fragrance, serving as a reminder that he shouldn’t be out here talking to her.
“How old are you, sweetheart?” His voice came out rough.
“Well, my ID held up at the door, so I’m over twenty-one if that’s what you’re worried about. Twenty-four, actually. In some cultures that would make me a spinster.”
Gage swallowed a laugh. There was something truly refreshing about her sarcasm, especially when contrasted with the flush of her cheeks and the way she fidgeted with her hands. She didn’t belong here. Not at this club, not even in this neighborhood. She should be nestled between crisp white sheets right about now, snuggled next to a wholesome man while the two of them watched late-night talk shows before bed.
“Go back inside,” he said gruffly. “Your date’s probably wondering where you are.”
That made her snicker. “I doubt it. I think he wrote me off the second he realized I wasn’t going to fuck him tonight.”
Gage’s cock jerked in his pants. Jesus. That angel mouth wasn’t allowed to say things like that. Not in front of him, a man whose inner devil could be summoned at the drop of a hat.
“Go back inside,” he repeated.
“Why? You don’t like talking to me?” Hands planted on her slim hips, she moved closer, a pensive look on her face.
He shrugged. “I don’t like talking, period.”
“Huh. So what do you like to do?”
Gage met her eyes in another long, deliberate stare. Leaving no question as to what he enjoyed doing.
She visibly swallowed. And then she startled the hell out of him.
“So maybe that’s what we should do.”
A laugh rumbled out of his chest. “You’re playing with fire, baby.”
“Am I?”
She had the nerve to lick her lips. He didn’t think she’d done it as an intentional taunt, but damn, the response to seeing her tongue dart out was instantaneous. His erection pulsed against his zipper, hard and persistent, like it was trying to tunnel its way out of his pants and into her pussy.
Gage took a breath, trying to ease the ache down south. Nope, he wasn’t giving in, wasn’t going to acknowledge the awareness prickling over his flesh. He was fighting in two days, and he didn’t like to screw before a match. The frustration fueled him, gave him the edge he needed to send an opponent to his knees.
But at the moment, he wanted to be the one on his knees. With his head underneath Skyler’s skimpy dress, his face buried between her legs as he licked her up until she screamed.
“Yes,” he rasped. “You’re definitely playing with fire.”
“Maybe I like fire, did you ever think of that? Maybe I want to get burned.”

One Night of Sin is an After Hours novella by Elle Kennedy, I would complain that it was too short but it’s pretty perfect the way it is. Relationship issues and past issues get in the way it is an even balance between the two. The characters are likable, sexy, and straight forward if not occasionally oblivious. It was a quick read but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s a quick and instant attraction between two people who are both in denial about what they want and need and both unsure about getting into a real relationship. It’s best to listen to your friends especially when they know you as well as Gage’s friends know him and when they tell him take a chance on the cute girl that has his driven him to distraction he actually listens. Both thinking they only want no strings attached sex, it leads to being something so much more before they know it.

One Night of Scandal

The wrong man never felt so right...

Ex-fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend’s girl for months, but he refuses to jeopardize a friendship over a woman—especially one who doesn’t like him all that much. Now that Darcy’s on the market again, it’s even more imperative to stick to his strict hands-off policy. But the sizzling attraction between them is too powerful to ignore, and once he’s had a taste of her…all bets are off.

Darcy Grant is tired of walking the straight and narrow path. She’s on the hunt for passion, and there’s no denying Reed is just the man to give it to her. Although she has no interest in dating a bad boy, and certainly not her ex’s best friend, it’s impossible not to melt beneath Reed’s skillful touch. Now it’s just a matter of setting a few ground rules—and hoping her rule-breaking, sweet-talking bad boy agrees to follow them. But if she lets Reed into her bed, does she stand a chance of keeping him out of her heart?

Goodreads Book Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightScandalGR
Barnes & Noble Buy Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightScandalBN

“Last night you said that you have to act like a jerk towards me because it’s the only way for you to…” She eyed him sternly. “Finish that sentence, Reed. To what?”Reluctance dug a deep groove into his forehead. “It’s nothing. Forget I ever said it.”“I can’t forget. It’s been bugging me all day. I need to know what you meant by that.”“It doesn’t matter.” Sounding frustrated, he gently uncurled her fingers from his arm. “Nothing good can come out of this conversation, baby.”Darcy frowned. “Don’t baby me. And PS? I never took you for a coward. You’ve always struck me as a man who says exactly what’s on his mind.”Something hot and dangerous moved through his eyes. “Why are you pushing this?”“Because I’m curious.”“Curious? No, I don’t think that’s it.” His voice was silky now, deep and mocking. He eased closer, his arm brushing hers as he shifted so they were facing each other. “This is more than curiosity. You’re blushing. You know what that tells me?”Her breathing went shallow. “What?”“It tells me you know exactly what I meant last night.”“I…” Her next words were barely over a whisper. “I need to hear you say it.”Her body grew tight and achy as she searched his face, waiting for an answer. God, why was she pushing him? He was right, nothing good could come of this. Nothing good at all.“Don’t do this.” A warning note crept into his husky voice. “Don’t make me say it.”Darcy’s heart was no longer beating at double time. It had skipped right over triple and was now veering into cardiac arrest territory. The air in the alcove became stifling, rippling with the tension she’d only begun to notice last night. And now it was impossible to ignore.Reed was standing so damn close to her. Close enough that his addictive scent was once again wreaking havoc on her senses. Close enough that all she had to do was lean in slightly and their lips would be touching.“You’re right,” she stammered. “You shouldn’t say it.”“I shouldn’t.” Yet even as he voiced his agreement, his hand had risen to her face, his thumb delicately sweeping over her bottom lip.Her breath hitched. God. Her entire world had reduced to this one moment, this one man. Her lips were actually trembling from the crazy urge to kiss him.“Fuck.” The expletive tore out of Reed’s throat, his frustration thick between them. “I want you, Darcy. I. Fucking. Want. You.”Shock slammed into her, along with a burst of arousal that seized her core. Oh God. She couldn’t believe he’d said it. Couldn’t believe she’d pushed him to.Because now there was no way to unhear those blunt words. No turning back from them.“Is that what you wanted to hear?” he said angrily. “I’ve wanted you forever. Every goddamn time I see you, I’ve had to force myself not to blurt it out. I can barely even look at you, for chrissake, because I’m scared you’ll see it in my eyes. Is that what you want to hear?”The confession sizzled through her body like merciless flames ravaging a dry forest. Her thighs clenched, breasts tingled, heart stopped. She wanted to dive through the curtain and pretend she’d never seen the raw lust in his eyes, never heard those gruff, honest words tumble out of his mouth.But she was rooted in place.They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, neither one speaking. Darcy had stopped breathing a while ago, and now her lungs burned, almost as painfully as the desire burning in her blood. Reed’s hand was still on her face, his calloused fingertips tracing the edge of her jaw. Her skin felt tight and prickly, the flames traveling south and tingling between her legs.Reed’s blue eyes blazed with accusation. “Why are you still here?” he burst out. “Go, Darcy. Just go.”“No,” she whispered.He took another step closer, crowding her, his broad body dominating every inch of the tiny space. Their mouths were so close she could feel his warm breath fanning over her lips, mingling with the sudden rush of air that seeped out of her lungs.“You have to go.”She swallowed. “No.”“This is wrong.” Half mumble, half moan. The anguish in his voice matching her own.He cupped her cheeks with both hands, groaning when their eyes locked again. “Just once,” he muttered. “I just need to know.”Her voice wobbled. “Know what?”“What it would feel like.” A determined glint lit his gorgeous eyes. “Maybe it won’t be as good as I imagined.”A laugh shook out. “It might be awful,” she said helpfully.He groaned again. “Worse than awful.”“We’ll probably hate it so much that—”Reed’s mouth crashed down on hers before she could finish.And there was nothing awful about it.

Reed *la sigh*

One Night of Scandal is the second book of this series and man it's sweet and hot and dirty. Once again you have two people suffering from an instant attraction, unfortunately Darcy at the time was dating Reed's best friends AJ and Reed wasn't going to cross that line not even after he finds out they broke up. But once Darcy finds out that the only reason Reed treated her like he disliked her was because he knew he couldn't have her she pushes him until they both can't stand it. Both unwilling to hurt AJ they try to stay away, that doesn't work.

Reed has a bad past and he has been working hard to try and change his ways but he is afraid no sees the change and doesn't believe himself, but Darcy is good for him. But they are both idiots, not wanting anything but a fling they are everything but that they just have yet to realize it. Reed and Darcy are the ideal couple they both are exactly what each other needed even if they don't see it at first.

One Night of Trouble

No More Mr. Nice Guy…

The moment AJ Walsh sees the sexy, tattooed pixie walk up to his bar, it's lust at first sight. He's always been labeled the "nice" guy―opening doors, buying flowers, and never, ever having one-night stands. But with this wicked little angel with red lips and unfathomably dark eyes? Oh, yeah. Tonight, "nice" has nothing to do with it...
Brett Conlon is trying to convince her family that she's put away her reckless wild girl side for good. Nothing―and no one―could be better for her reputation than golden boy AJ Walsh. So they make a deal: if he plays The Good Boyfriend for her family, he can be a very, very bad boy with her. Now their one naughty night is about to turn into a whole lot of trouble...
Goodreads Book Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightTroubleGR
Barnes & Noble Buy Link: http://bit.ly/OneNightTroubleBN

He flashed that boyish smile she was growing accustomed to. “All right. Ask me.”She knit her brows. “Ask you what?”“To be your pretend boyfriend. Isn’t that what this heart-to-heart has been leading to?”Brett faltered. “Actually, I was only going to invite you to the barbecue. I figured a few days after that, I can just tell them I dumped you.”Those green eyes sparkled. “Bullshit. They’d never believe it.”“Why not?”“Because I’m fucking awesome, Brett. You’d never dump me.”“Gee, it’s good to know you don’t suffer from any confidence deficiencies.”“Seriously, it would look too suspicious if you announce out of the blue that we broke up. Besides…” The twinkle in his eye turned to smoky promise. “We have the perfect opportunity here, and I’m not about to pass it up.”“What opportunity?” she said slowly.“To turn this one-night stand into a several-nights stand.”AJ smiled again, and a dimple she hadn’t noticed before appeared in his chin. Sweet Lord, the guy was unbelievably cute.No, he wasn’t cute. He was sexy. And she’d be lying through her teeth if she said the idea of sleeping with him again wasn’t incredibly appealing.As if he’d read her mind, his voice grew low and husky. “You still want me as much as I want you.”“Oh, do I?” she mocked.“Don’t play games, angel. We both know it’s true.” He paused. “Your dad is giving you an answer at the end of the month, right?”She nodded warily.“That gives us three and a half weeks to keep doing what we’re doing.” There was no mistaking the reckless glint in his eyes.“And what exactly are we doing?”“Having fun. Making each other come.”She ignored the hot shiver that traveled up her spine. “And then what?”“Then your dad gives you the manager job, you tell your family we broke up, and we go our separate ways.”Biting her lip, Brett mulled over what was beginning to sound like a solid plan—especially the sex part. Three more weeks of super-sexy naked time with this man? Sign her up.

One thought kept running through my head....
(If you don't know the reference I'm sorry)

AJ the good guy, the reliable one is a naughty boy and it takes a bad girl like Brett to bring it out in him. Brett has turned her life around and is no longer the wild child she means to prove to her father that she can be responsible and run the new tattoo shop he plans to open. Once again it's two people strongly attracted to each other getting into a "not" relationship. I really enjoyed this one it's even steamier and dirtier than the last two it is by far my favorite.

Brett doesn't think that she is AJ's type and falling for him is the last thing she wanted but she did and being with him didn't change her into a dependent pile of mush like her previous relationships. With AJ she is able to stand on her own two feet and live her live without him demanding all the attention and making her make all the sacrifices. With Brett, AJ can finally stop pretending to be someone he's not he can be the imperfect person and the guilt he has lived with for so long can finally be let go.

Overall I feel like this series is a must read. Opposites attract, what you need is never what you expect and flings can lead to so much more.

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