Thursday, January 15, 2015

REVIEW Dark Prayer by Natasha Mostert

Another hauntingly beautiful written story by Natasha Mostert. She has a unique style that can creep you out all the while sounding like an artist painting a masterpiece. The details she goes into for her stories you can appreciate how much time you know she put into making the story as indepth as possible and her beautiful turn of phrase keeps it from being boring. I love Natasha Mostert I would put her in the same category as Neil Gaiman. This time she delves into the world of memory; with memory altercation the prolonging of and eradicating even the concept of selling memories. Years ago five scientist created a secret society to discover and unlock the secrets of the memory, but the greed of two people quickly perverted the research.

Jack Simonetti is a rich playboy, and his father has had enough of him living off of his money and his exploits so he sends him to London to help out on old friend. His old friend Daniel Barone has a ward who went missing but showed up again suffering from a memory fugue. Jenilee Gray  has been living with Daniel Barone since her mother's murder when she was five, two years ago she disappeared but recently a private investigator found her the only problem is that she doesn't remember anything. Fugue state is similar to amnesia but differs in the fact that it is caused by a emotional trauma rather than a physical one. It causes the sufferer to create a new identity. Jenilee Gray is now Eloise Blake. Barone has asked Jack to befriend her and convince her he is her best hope to getting back to Jenilee and to keep her safe since accidents she has just barely scraped by. Jack has no choice but to agree, what he didn't count on was unraveling deep secrets long ago buried and that someone is willing to do anything to keep those secrets hidden.

Eloise Blake likes her life as a parkour. Free running has enabled her to literally run from her problems. Ever since she woke up not knowing who she was she has had visions in the corner of her eyes, voices speaking and seemingly random numbers invading her brain. With the help of Jack they discover the truth behind it all.

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