Wednesday, January 7, 2015

REVIEW How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy by Vanessa Kelly

Another wonderful tale of The Renegade Royals by Vanessa Kelly. I love this series every book so far has grabbed my attention and pulled me along with the wild adventures and scandalous happenings. Vanessa Kelly has created a plethora of characters that you can't help but love, her illegitimate sons of the regency princes are some of her best.

Captain William Endicott, the illegitimate son of The Duke of York, works hard to win his father's approval so when asked to spy on an old friend despite the fact that he knows she could never do that he reluctantly acquiesces. Along with his cousin and partner in spy, "Alec" Gilbride, they must find the truth of the assassination conspiracy and the Irish/Catholics behind it. Evelyn Whitney was always the quiet one the blue stocking the disappointment compared to her vivacious twin sister, Eden, who always seemed to have a flock of men at her beck and call. That suited Evie just fine she was happy as she was but her world hardened when she was rejected by her first love, William " Wolf " Endicott. She stopped following her sister and was determined to be her own person along the way she meet Michael Beaumont. Evie still with a soft heart decided to help Michael with his charity work to help Irish immigrants. Their friendship soon buds into more but with Evie's snobbish mother it isn't very likely to end in marriage.

Will and Alec show up without warning to the house party after pulling an invitation from Evie's brother. With Will back Evie is fighting even hard the feelings she thought she let go years ago, but seeing her Wolf and how he was changed since war has only intensified it she doesn't want to give in she already gave her loyalty to Michael and she won't betray that trust and even after feelings between her and Will are revealed she still feels the need to protect Michael much to Will changrene. The conspiracy that Will and Alc are there to uncover goes slow but the book goes by so quickly. Not only do they have the conspiracy but Evie's snobbish meddling mother and the even more snobbish Duke of York.

You can't forget about Eden's apparent hatred for Alec, I foresee the next book. yea! I can't wait especially now since Dominic has stepped down and put Aden in his place and Alec is a burly Scottsman. ( rwar )             

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