Tuesday, January 27, 2015

REVIEW Teardrop Lane by Emily March

Book #9 in Emily March's Eternity Springs Series, Teardrop Lane is a wonderful read. I came in late to this series but how Emily March writes each book can be read as a stand alone. Emily March and Eternity Springs is another exception to my no books that make me cry rule for the reason that it's a good kinda cry. The emotional turmoil the characters go through is believable and heart felt and really touches you... in a good way. I love the characters all of them! The introduction to Hunter Cicero in the last book was just a tease to the man he is in this book. Doctor Delicious aka Rosemary Anderson is a beautifully complex and loveable character.

Cicero moved from his beautiful island to Galveston, Texas in order to help his sister take care of her four children while she battles cancer. His nieces and nephews are little hell raisers, a rambunctious bunch and the boys constantly getting into trouble. But things change when unexpectedly his sister catches a virus and with her system being weak from her cancer treatment she dies. The four children all with different fathers were left in the care of the youngest aunt and uncle on her father's side. Cicero not being blood related was just asked for financial support and occasional babysitting. Cicero can finally move up to Eternity Springs to oversee the workshop and glass store he is opening with Gabi. Unbeknownst to Cicero, Gabi entered him in a fellowship for artist of different mediums with the chance to win over a quarter of a million dollars and since he was left to take care of his sisters doctor bills and the financial responsibility for four children he doesn't get to upset.

Dr. Rose Anderson is satisfied with her life she doesn't need a man in her life but when the newest resident of Eternity Springs shows interest and her own heart goes pitter patter and the sight of him she gives in and with each new day she sees so much more to him than anyone else he lets see. Rose tries to keep her past from him but past heartbreak and her secrets must be told. The relationship dynamic changes when suddenly the guardians of Cicero's nephews and nieces change their minds about keeping the kids and the only acceptable option is Cicero taking them. With some adjusting they thrive as a family. Rose is a cancer survivor and is scared of what she will put Cicero and the kids when she finds a lump in her breast. After an argument her and Cicero are stronger than ever. Once again the tears fall when the flaky guardians change their minds again and want the kids back Cicero and Rose would do anything to keep them.


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