Tuesday, February 3, 2015

REVIEW Closer Than You Think by Karen Rose

Ok so I popped my Karen Rose cherry with an awesome book! Goodreads is always recommending her books but I rarely listen to book recommendations, I should have listened. Closer Than You Think is disturbing, creepy, exciting and hot! I was glad that this was the start of a new series, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it jumped in midway in the series. I love Faith she is a strong and tortured woman. Deacon, well wow for one, strong alpha male with the need to protect those he loves and those in his care and his uniqueness of white hair and two toned eyes adds to his attractiveness. The story was disturbing, but it was about a serial killer so of course it isn't going to be all lollipops and bubble gum, it was raw and exciting and scary I didn't want to put it down. Honestly I was hesitant to read this at first because I have never read anything of hers before but Deacon and the POV from the Killer won me over. The switching back and forth from the killer's POV and everyone elses was tantalizing! It kept me on my toes constantly trying to figure out who the eff it is. The character development between Faith and Deacon was nice the slow revelation about their pasts slowly pulling you into their world exposing their weakness and vulnerabilities so that by the end of the book your are wholeheartedly addicted.

Faith Corcoran is hiding from a stalker, a man who attempted to kill her by slitting her throat open. She has gone as far as changing her name and moving away from all the trauma. Faith is trying to put it all behind her, her bad reputation and a psychiatrist to sexual offenders her ex-husband who belittled her to his cop buddies and spread rumors that she was unstable and that her stalker was just her overactive imagination. But Faith's stalker isn't just a production of an attention grabbing loon her stalker has attempted to take her life multiple times in just the last month and attempted break in, her boss getting shot when they were meant for her the last straw was her apartment getting set on fire. So she changed her name and moved to Cincinnati to the old house her grandmother left her.

Two college girls went missing only to have one show up on the verge of death on the long deserted road going to Faith's family home. Faith finding the girl was just the start of a long couple of days. Deacon is determined to keep Faith safe and find the missing woman. The secrets of the old family home reveal a numerous amount of shallow graves dating back over ten years. The killer has targeted Faith as the person whose name is on the deed and it just may be that her stalker and the killer are connected. Despite it all Deacon and Faith have an undeniable attraction and are perfect for each other if only they can get through this alive.

Overall it was a great book and I really look forward to the next.          

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