Thursday, February 12, 2015

REVIEW Falling for His Best Friend by Sidney Bristol

Music to my ears... it the magic words... Sidney Bristol. 

This is a re-release with a new name and cover of Sidney's book originally titled Personal Adventures; it is still the same lovely friends to lovers romance as it was when it was originally released. I loved this book it was a quick, erotic, and wonderful story about a guy trying to convince his female best friend they were meant to be more than just friends.

Carey and Elise have been friends and coworkers for the last two years and after all that time Carey is ready to finally ask out Elise as they are both single and unattached to anyone else. Carey has been falling in love with Elise from the beginning and he can't hold back any longer. Elise has a plan she has been saving up her money to buy Adventures from her boss and falling in love with Carey does not fit into her plan. Her parents haven't set a great example of a healthy marriage and Elise feels like "love" would just distract her from her goal. But some wise words from some friends has Elise thinking it wouldn't hurt to at least be with Carey. Elise keeping her plan to herself could backfire on her and blow her well laid plans to shit.

Elise and Carey are well written characters, you feel for them you sympathize with Carey and you get aggravated with Elise and you root for them both. A nice and easy storyline and some scenes to get you all hot and bothered (hot tub sex!).

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