Thursday, February 19, 2015

REVIEW Nightmare in Steam by Lexi Ostrow

*La sigh* Steampunk. Released in October, Nightmare in Steam is book one of Lexi Ostrow's new series Alliance of Silver and Steam. While it is the first book in the series there is a prequel Demon In Steam that I haven't read but I wish I had. It's not necessary to read their story is not pivotal to the storyline but has elements that leave blanks and seem like you are missing something. I love steampunk and I love romance and I love this merger between the two.

Eliza is a great character, strong and intelligent; a woman at the top of her field but yet still a disappointment to her family. Lucias Willan is a nightmare demon who feeds of peoples fear, he also gambles too much and sleeps around which got him into a bit of trouble. Eliza invents weapons and machines to help kill demons, he parents loved that she was intelligent but her choice to join the Alliance after Cambridge upset them she is the last of the family at without the proper marriage their family line will not carry on. Lucius messed up and found himself tied to the Queen of Hell (because she overthrew Lucifer ages ago) tied to her to kill at her will. She has now tasked him with killing someone in the Alliance so she has an in. Lucius never expected to find his mate and know is torn between his own race and the love of his life. Eliza falls for the man she thinks Lucius is and when she finds out he is a demon who has to kill to survive she is hurt and felt betrayed. Lucius needs to show her he would do anything for her even go against the Queen B*tch herself and risk his life.

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