Thursday, February 5, 2015

REVIEW Rescue Me by Catherine Mann

Second Chance Ranch Romance series book two by Catherine Mann is a beautifully written and touching story that splits the POV from third person to first person specifically the dog Holly's POV. I liked that it was clever. Holly is a boxer that grew up in a meth-house/backyard breeder. At four years old she hasn't seen anything but what the T.V. has shown her. Fortunately on Christmas Eve the house was raided and she along with a bunch of other dogs were rescued. The human characters in the book were pretty special too. Both AJ and Mary Hannah have pasts they are trying to deal with. AJ is burned out, after working for several years undercover it has finally at his breaking point so when his cousin offers him a job in a little town to help heal he jumps at the chance. Mary Hannah is a recovering addict, addicted to prescription drugs to get through college and make the grades and be the perfect person her father wants her to be. It all changed for her when she miscarried she went into rehab and started to heal, getting involved with Second Chance Ranch animal rescue helped in a big way. She found her purpose and now she helps animals heal and people heal with the help of animals.  

Holly has known nothing but abuse and the sweet Mary Hannah is the first to show her kindness and homemade treats. Holly notices that behind the gentle nature of Mary Hannah lays sadness and Holly wanting to repay Mary Hannah for her kindness is determined to help her. AJ and Mary Hannah work together to socialize the rescue dog, Holly, who has a timid nature and has great potential to be a family dog and all the while help AJ use Holly as an Emotional Support Animal. AJ and Mary Hannah are also fighting a losing battle of their attraction. When they finally give in everything between them is good but there is still something hinkie with the meth-house raid. Lacey the owner of the animal rescue is involved with AJ's cousin Wyatt. Lacey is a still grieving widow mother of two and wants to take things slow especially now that her own aging body is working against her but Wyatt is rushing things and is pushing her toward marriage. With everything going on at Second Chance Ranch between Sierra and Matt, Lacey's Daughter and son-in-law, visiting and the Valentines mutt makeover everyone is busy with something.

Overall Rescue Me is a great read but probably best read in order, reading Shelter Me first. Everyones conflicts are very palpable and they really pull you in. I look forward to more.  

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