Thursday, March 19, 2015

ARC REVIEW Monster Chef by Margaret McHayzer

I received an ARC as part of the Release Day Blitz yesterday. I loved this book it was the perfect blend of romance, emotional turmoil, and hot hot hot scenes. Monster Chef is a Second Chance at Love Romance; not for two long lost loves but for two people who had love and lost only to find it again with each other. I loved the book it splits the POV between the two main characters it was like listening Toni Collette and Gerard Depardieu in my head. Not looks wise; I was imagining two completely different people, it was described so well no celebrity imagining was needed. The dirty talking and erotic parts are very enticing. The story was emotional, but not so devastating I was in tears the whole time, I spend an equal amount of time laughing and wishing I could.. oh wait TMI.

Holly and Pierre have something in common they have both lost the loves of their lives. Pierre lost his wife to cancer; she was the woman he left France for and moved to Australia. He spent twenty years building his career up and after his wife died it was all he has. Holly lost her husband to a freak car accident and now she is left to raise her daughter all by herself. With her Mother-in-laws help watch her precocious daughter, Emma, she wants to find a job to give herself something to do. She applied for a waitress but was given the job of maitre'd because her past history and her ability to stand up to the ill tempered head chef. To Holly, Pierre is arrogant and to Pierre, Holly is insufferable. But when a customer gets out of hand and Holly lands in the hospital Pierre suddenly realizes she means more to him then he thought. Even her daughter Emma wins a place in his heart and immediately sets out to win them both over. Both Pierre and Holly have their issues to work through and their story about coming together is very touching, and Pierre's dirty talking is wow.          

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