Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James

I read this as an ARC but loved it and Pre-Ordered it when I finished it.

The Desperate Duchesses book eight, Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James. I love Eloisa James; she is an eloquent and beautiful writer who tells an intelligent and witty story all the while steaming up your glasses. It was a fun read without anything overly dramatic and devastating happening to the H/h.

Mia is a great curvy heroine, she is a published author with a devoted following the only problem is that she must marry in order to keep her nephew, Charles, out of the wicked clutches of Charles’ uncle from his Mother’s side of the family. She had a fiancĂ© but he jilted her and now she chooses to do something drastic. Vander has always said he would marry for love because of his childhood experience with his parents; that is until Mia appears back in his life. Mia’s father and Vander’s mother had an illicit affair in plain view of everyone. Vander hated his mother and Mia’s father for it. Mia accepted it because she knew they were in love. Mia in her youth was in love with Vander but one poorly written poem that fell in to the hands of Vander and Mia was embarrassed and vowed never to love Vander again; that all changes when Mia blackmails him into marriage.

Mia wrote it all out what she expects of Vander and why she is doing what she is, but Vander still assuming she is in love with him and is blackmailing him because that’s the only way she can get him to marry him writes out stipulations of his own, without reading hers, only giving her four nights a year in his bed. Vander is shocked to find out that she only wanted to be married to him for six months and then get it annulled. Vander disagrees simply stating marriage is forever, he quickly takes his new charge and treats the boy with the clubbed foot like a normal little boy. Vander also takes the news that Mia is a famous author like it’s no big deal. He also deals with the wicked Uncle who just wanted Charlie for his inheritance. Vander also decides that he will make Mia fall in love with him even though Mia is determined not to.

I loved this book, Vander and Mia are great characters and I love the added in notations from Mia on her WIP it almost coincides perfectly with her and Vander’s story. It can be read as a standalone but is a much better experience if you have read the whole series, or at least the last book Three Weeks with Lady X.

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