Thursday, April 30, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress by Victoria Alexander

Book five of Victoria Alexander's Millworth Manor series continues and can absolutely be read as a stand alone. First off the name is deceiving it's does not reflect the story but the story with in the story. If this is considered fluff than I love fluff, it's not erotica it's not angsty it's all in good fun. I love the characters, they are already well established the growth Lucy goes through are only really noticeable if you've read the previous book. Cameron Effington is the youngest of the family and is determined to make a name of himself as the next Mark Twain until then he is writing for a gossip rag. The only growing Cameron does is realizing that love does matter and it makes a difference.

Lucy was the dutiful daughter until her and Jackson finally decided to cancel their engagement. Finally feeling free for the first time without being under the watchful eyes of her parents and brothers she feels this is the right time to do what she wants and what she wants is to fulfill the dreams in her great aunt's journal. It's a silly list of things Great-Aunt Lucinda had wanted to do but getting married at the age of eighteen and rules of propriety kept her from doing turning them into a list of regrets. A list Lucy is going to try her best to fulfill before they become her list of regrets and she wants nothing to regret when her time comes.      

Cameron loves what he does, he just wants more. His father on the other hand dislikes that one of his son's is actually working, and working for a rag like the Messenger so he makes a bet with him that unless he can write a book in two months time he will have to quit and work for the family. If he can then he may continue doing what he is doing. Cameron accepts the challenge now all he needs is a muse. Cameron goes to his best friend the PI for help and he finds out about an American heiress who needed a watch dog to keep tabs on her as she fulfilled a list of regrets. Immediately is sparks the idea for The Daring Exploits of a Runaway Heiress, and inserts himself into her life never expecting to find her so attractive or charming especially never expected to fall in love with her. Lucy thinks Cameron is her watch dog and assumes it is just safer to keep him close by for her protection. Cameron starts writing his fiction stories inspired by Lucy thinking he has differed them enough no one will find the link between the two, unfortunately he is to close and they end up being closer than he intended. Lucy knows Cameron is hiding something but she trust him enough to fall in love with him only when she finds out the truth it hurts more than she thought it would. This is where the very grand romantic (even though terribly embarrassing) gesture comes in.

Overall this was a fun and entertaining read.

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