Thursday, May 28, 2015

ARC REVIEW Hot Alphas Anthology

Hot Alphas is a collection of novellas from some pretty hot erotica authors and well I liked half of it.

Erin's Kiss
I always used to read Lora Leigh and I think I just burned myself out on her, I don't enjoy reading her writing anymore. I thought maybe reading something new and not from her Breed series would be nice I couldn't get into it and quite honestly even though I just read it last week I don't remember it.

Laurelin McGee is new to me, I don't think I have ever read anything from her and what I did read did not impress me. I just could not like the characters; normally I like the overly opinionated and more then likely "Bitchy" female this one how ever is a judgey narrow minded twat that does a complete 180 at the flip of a switch. I can understand what the author was trying to do, to not to judge or assume a book solely on what you think when you haven't read anything from the genre. (Like what so many people did with 50 Shades of Grey). But I think this novella was ill fitting in for this anthology.

Burn for Me
Shiloh Walker I love, everything she has written is an immediate winner for me. This is a side story for the very emotional and dark series Secrets & Shadows, this takes place almost simultaneously as the first book in the series. Tate is and has always loved Ali, even if he didn't realize it and he has just kept Ali at a distance. Ali loves Tate and understands his past and his feelings but she can't take it anymore it hurts too much not to have all of him. Tate keeps her at arm's length because he fervently believes his father killed his mother and got away with it and because of that he is afraid he might snap and do the same. Ali is a hard working single mom and Tate is a tormented mechanic. Tate must come to terms or lose the woman of his dreams forever.        

Kate Douglas is another one I really like she has a fun and quirky way of writing. This novella is I believe a stand-alone story about Tangled Vineyards. Nate is probably one of the least "alpha" heros in this set but he is one of my favorite. Nate has a new job and he is looking forward to managing the vineyard he never expected to fall head over heals for the winemaker. Cassie is resentful that the new owner has hired a new manager but also thankful for saving the place after her father fell ill and almost ran the place to the ground. Cassie likes Nate but is hesitant about mixing business with pleasure. When Cassie's father's past rears it ugly head Nate proves  himself beyond measure

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