Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW Beautiful Criminal by Shady Grace

Beautiful Criminal is book one in Shady Grace's new series McCoy's Boys. I generally don't like books that glamorize drug smuggling and criminal behavior of the sort, which is why I normally stay away from them but this one in a way doesn't glamorize it. Gabriel Miller is a drug runner, he kinda fell into it trusted the wrong person and now there is no way out. Mima Etu is a young and naive woman who lives alone in the middle of nowhere Canada with just her dog sled dogs to keep her company. It has an excellent concept but due to personal preference I didn't care for the execution. I didn't feel connected to the characters, at all.

Gabriel is flying a shipment of time sensitive stuff when his plan goes down in a snow storm. He is found by Mima and her best friend Mary when they are out racing their dog sleds. Mima brings him home and plays nurse until he wakes up but because of another snow storm they are trapped in her house for now. Mima is instantly taken with the attractive stranger, and he with her. But trouble comes when Gabriel's boss sends men out to look for him and the missing drugs.

Overall I really didn't enjoy it, I don't regret reading it, it sounded interesting enough in the blurb but once again personal preference on the story and what happens in the books and the lack of character connection kept me from really liking this one.

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