Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW Last of the Red-Hot Riders by Tina Leonard

Book two of Tina Leonard's Hell's Outlaws series is pretty much like the first one but with less Mayor Judy. It plays out pretty much like the first book, so luckily you don't have to read the first to read this one. It was still good, I just couldn't get into this one as much as the first one.

Wild child/virgin Cameron Dix is one hell of  a rider, and she wants Saint Markham to train her how to ride bulls. Saint has had an unstoppable lust for Cameron from the moment he saw her, and doesn't want her risking her neck riding bulls. He hesitantly agrees to train her and Cameron is so happy she starts sleeping with him, that and because she is in love with him.
Due to the machinations of Mayor Judy, or lack thereof, the Hell's Belles threatens to break up. Both Cameron and Saint being stubborn wont give an inch to the other. Cameron's errant sister almost ruins her dreams by showing up claiming she was pregnant just to get out of the house and start on life early, soon set straight and offers Cameron some well needed advise she was to oblivious to realize herself. Saint goes off to lick his wounds and a timely return of Judy offers him the common sense he needed.Everything else in between is a funny and witty and the two oblivious H/h makes an entertaining read but it was too similar to the first to really enjoy.  

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