Saturday, June 13, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Major's Faux Fiancee by Erica Ridley

Book four of The Dukes of War series by Erica Ridley the series continues to entertain me. While this one doesn't have some of the comedy that readers of Erica Ridley are use to it doesn't take away from the story because the two characters are very serious there are however two other very amusing characters to lighten the mood. Bartholomew and Daphne are aggravating at times, but in the best way. They both have issues they need to figure out and that often gets in the way of seeing things that are obvious to everyone else.

Major Bartholomew Blackpool lost more then his leg in war he lost his twin brother as well. Now the rake and dandy that he use to be is no more and he has isolated himself in his house afraid of the humiliation he feels when people hear the creaking of this elaborate prosthetic and of the pitying looks everyone will give him. He even avoids his family his mother's grief so strong for one of her sons has her wanting to comfort and coddle Bartholomew and his father clearly blames him for the death of the other. Daphne Vaughan is mourning the death of her father and now her Guardian a cousin to her father is forcing her to marry. The problem with that is she is so involved with her charity work and the right of the lower class workers she know that if she marries her husband will forbid her to work her projects deeming them unladylike. Her only hope is her old friend Bartholomew to act as her fiancee until she comes to maturity and she can access her inheritance.

Bartholomew does not hesitate when he receives this request from Daphne and it only takes short time in her presence before he realizes he really wants to marry her. He never thought she would want him back in return because he is not a whole man. Daphne asked Bartholomew because he was a rake but after the war she sees a different man, an man who is willing to help her with her projects not hinder her. She is determined not to ruin his good name by crying off the engagement and Bartholomew will not ruin her reputation by crying off the wedding.

Overall this was another great novella in the series. and series returns again with the next novella The Brigadiers Runaway Bride and a reappearance of a dead man.  

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