Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ARC REVIEW Risk It by Jennifer Chance

Risk It by Jennifer Chance is book four in her Rule Breakers series; I have read one other book in this series I really liked Fake It unfortunately this one fell flat. It was hot, steamy hot erotica but I could not connect to the characters and the storyline was blah. It had a Pretty Woman type story rich man buys beautiful woman for a month of  "friendship" where she has to do whatever he say no hesitation, with only one use of the word no.

Dani outwitted Rand out of ten thousand dollars for a painting by her friend a relatively unknown artist. Rand is suddenly obsessed with her and they start a game of sorts where they are trying to outwit each other until Rand propositions Dani money for her time, sex not required. Dani's foster brother is in trouble and only accepts Rands proposal to help her brother out. There is an instant attraction between them and they are not shy about starting a sexual relationship, but Rand starts to push her boundaries which any good Dom does but when she finally says no he is bound and determined to find out why this and break through that boundary, no matter what. Dani is scared by how this is progressing and when Rand asks for a real relationship she calls it quits especially since Rand had succeeded in breaking through her emotional block.

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