Thursday, July 30, 2015

ARC REVIEW Deception by A.S. Fenichel

I am really loving this series. I have had book one, Ascension, on my TBR list and when I saw this one up for review on NetGalley I grabbed it and read them both back to back. I love the Regency setting in a fantasy/paranormal type story; like a Regency Urban Fantasy. It was done well not flawlessly but I liked how Fenichel worked it. Ascension was a great first book a great introduction. Deception was really good as well Lillian is absolutely awesome. When I get around to making my Steampunk costume I am making it with a skirt like hers.

Lillian Dellacourt is the best demon hunter The Company has and with the Demon Master closer than ever to entering our world. With a new partner in tow Lilly must find a way to stop it from happening and find the leak somewhere in their organization. Dorian Lambert has always acted as the right hand man to Drake Cullum, the man in charge of The Company, and now he finds himself partnered up with the woman he has been in love with since she became a hunter.

Lillian is out to find what dark secrets hide behind the Earl of Shafton and Dorian was sent to keep an eye on her. Together they unravel the bumpy history of the Company and find out where the Demon Master is trying to come through next all while trying not to fall into each others arms. Lillian keeps pushing Dorian away because his French title, one he refuses to use; and Dorian keeps trying to tell her it doesn't matter he would love her no matter what.

Overall, while I do love the books the one thing that bugged me is that it is the same as the first, the bare bones of the book are the same. Boy and Girl are in love, girl pushes boy away, boy finds out girl's secret, they make love, and a family member kidnapped. Yeah a lot of books have the same trope and other similar things but in a series with them so close it's noticeable. Other than that I look forward to more in the series.

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