Thursday, July 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW Every Step She Takes by Jannine Gallant

Who's Watching Now book two is centered around Grace Hanover, we met her in Every Move She Makes, she is the sister to Rachel. Grace is the outgoing commitment phobic journalist. I love romantic suspense and this one is a little light on the suspense and the ending is unexpected. I love the characters and the story it was all very well laid out and consistently exciting. There were times I thought, You are supposed to be protecting her why are you leaving her alone you know she's just going to get herself in trouble. But it was all very entertaining, Grace is very amusing.

Grace Hanover has the story of a lifetime, their is a witness to a drug deal gone wrong and is now in hiding and she know where the only problem is that he is in some remote Alaskan fishing resort and she hates the outdoors. Travis Barnett is a retired SEAL who is running his own private investigators business, when an old friend and fellow SEAL current FBI agent calls in a favor he can't say no. So off to Alaska Travis goes to bring in the witness the FBI left alone to his own devises which apparently is calling his loose lip girlfriend and tells her where he is. Now with a possible hit man after him Travis needs to go and bring him back to San Francisco.

Grace and Travis fly in together with a couple of other people on the tiny plane to the fishing resort in Moose Flat. Travis knows anyone of these people could be the hit man even the gorgeous reporter he can't take his eyes off of. Grace being the great reporter that she is deducts the Travis is there for the FBI witness. She follows him on a hiking trail to catch up to the witness, along the way they get close. Travis wants to explore the possibility of a relationship but Grace has doubts because she lives in San Francisco and Travis is based in Seattle that and Grace has a past she can't get over and doesn't think she deserves love.

Meanwhile the hit man rediscovers Grace and now he is gunning for her as much as he is his intended contract. Grace got her story but now she has had several attempts her life so Travis put his life on hold to protect her and she still doesn't think she deserves him. The connection between Grace and the hit man is screamingly obvious yet all the characters are oblivious but still a very enjoyable story.          

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