Thursday, July 9, 2015

ARC REVIEW Not So New In Town by Michele Summers

Not So New in Town is the second book of the Harmony Homecoming series. I love Small Town Romance especially when the whole town is so gossip hungry, private business is everyone's business. Unfortunately this one fell a little short of my expectations. I really didn't like the Brogan Reese, he was a little to pushy about organic and healthy food that I wanted to fry some foods just to spite him. Lucy was good, I liked her enough you really feel sympathetic toward with her but the conflict wasn't enough. Everything just seemed generic and not very memorable.

Lucy Doolan is reluctantly coming back home. Her manipulative stepsister needs her help with her teenage son. Lucy only agreed because her pregnant sister was put on bed rest with a little stress as possible. Parker is a surly teenage boy who has had to deal with the town whispering about the possibilities of who is his father. Brogan Reese didn't really want to come back home either but a good friend talked into opening one of his organic health food stores in town, now he is struggling to keep a stead flow of customers to stay open and keep working a deal with the New York investors to open another store there.

Brogan finds out about Lucy's marketing expertise and hires her. Her marketing genus isn't all Brogan wants, he wants her in his bed. Lucy is hesitant because even though she has fantasized about him since high school he is also her step sisters ex boyfriend. Brogan convinces her of a short affair while they are both in town and Brogan also agrees to be Parker's mentor/father figure. Everything that you would expect to happen, happens.

At times funny and a bit sweet with a half way decent ending but overall I just didn't like it that much.  

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