Thursday, August 20, 2015

ARC REVIEW Deep Night by Kathy Clark

Deep Night is book three in Kathy Clark's Denver Heroes series. Books one and two I loved, romantic suspense all the way; Deep Night is light on the suspense and concentrates more on the emotional side of things. It's a little anti-climatic with the suspense but really resonates emotionally. We met both Chris and Sara in the previous books, two childhood friends who drifted apart in their teens only to find each other again. This story is a little darker emotionally than the other two both Chris and Sara deal with things none of us would wish anyone to have to deal with.

Chris is from a family of  heroes one brother a cop another a fireman and here he is an EMT working to become a doctor. Chris is also not long out of the NAVY, unbeknownst to his family as a medical honorable discharge. He served with the Marines as medical support and was severely injured and spend several months in rehab before telling his parents and family he was returning home. Sara is Chris' supervisor helping train him also going to school to become a doctor is a few years ahead of Chris in classes. Sara likes to blend into the background she hates standing out and drawing attention to herself, she is also hiding a dark disturbing secret. She likes Chris but knows there's no hope for them she won't let herself get hurt that way. Chris has been living with his parents since leaving the NAVY, and finally decided it's time to move out. Sara offers her spare room. Chris starts to realize Sara is hiding something she often shows signs of suffering from PTSD, and on one particularly bad night she admits to Chris her father is stalking her. Chris also runs across a fellow soldier one whose life he saved and tries to help out the guy who is suffering from PTSD. Sara and Chris find it easy living together and working together and the sexual tension flares high when they both end up needing more of an just emotional support to deal with issues. It doesn't take long before they realize ever since childhood they have loved each other.    

I kid you not, Chris teases Sara a little a bit about the circadian rhythm she follows to help keep her sleep schedule; not a week later I came across a magazine Scientific American Mind with an article about circadian rhythms, a very interesting article. This always seems to happen, I'll read something in a fiction book and later come across a nonfiction story/article about something that was in the other.

As sad and (kinda) anti-climatic this one is, it is beautifully written and overall a good read.

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