Thursday, August 27, 2015

ARC REVIEW Forged in Fire by Jessica Scott

The third book in the Homefront series, Forged in Fire is another classic Jessica Scott. There aren’t any more good things I can say; I have exhausted my vocabulary on how much I love Jessica Scott books. Jessica Scott writes what she knows; I love the insight of life on base and all the bull crap political stuff the characters (and inevitably real life soldiers) have to put up with.

Like in her other books, Sal and Holly fight to make things work. They have suffered so much that finding peace with each other just makes sense. One problem is that there are rules that could get them in trouble for being together. Another problem is favoritism is going on and people who should be discharged are being kept on because other people trust them in combat, even if the combat is breaking them emotionally. One other thing that this book touches base with is abuse; Holly believes one of Sal’s soldiers is physically abusing one of her female soldiers. One tangled web of deceit and lies has Sal and Holly working together after a rocky start. Holly is brought in to help get things straighten out in their unit, after a bad experience she never wanted to get involved with another soldier again but in walks Sal all sexy and alpha. Sal and Holly bump heads on how they should lead and train their soldiers, not every solider is so easily trained by yelling at them and insulting them. The attraction is there and they are both willing to risk their careers to be together. Sal sees Holly for who she really is and admires her strength and commitment to her troops. Holly gets over thinking Sal is caveman-ish and sees that he really does care about his troops and he needs to learn how to do that even if it means knowing when to let go.

Overall, this is an emotional story with the right amount of humor to lighten the mood of the books so it’s not all gloom and doom. Romance as usual fits right in and is cohesive with the story line. I must apologize to Jessica Scott, because I am lucky enough to be able to get an ARC from her and I am so late in getting this review out. It was released the end of June and here it is two months later. I am usually more prompt then this and I’m sorry.

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