Thursday, August 13, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Great Estate by Sherri Browning

The Great Estate, book three in Sherri Browning's Thronebrook Park series. In the last book these two broke my heart you see the progression of their relationship deteriorating in the previous two. Sophia and Gabriel story is a heart breaking one and I love them it's a second chance romance at it's best. I love the setting and the period of time. Edwardian time is a great period; the clothes, the new fangled invention of the automobile, woman's suffrage, it's the calm before the storm (WWI). I loved this book, as with the others it is well written, enjoyable, and the characters are all likable.

Gabriel Thorne saw his wife being kissed by another man and he was heart broken, he also came to realize he hasn't been the best husband so he left to Italy to reinvent himself as a more romantic husband so he could win over his wife again. Sophia Thorne was young and naive when she married Gabriel, her mother convinced her a wife should not enjoy herself in the marriage bed, so despite the fact that she loved him with all her heart she held back. The falling point of their relationship was the death of their son. Sophia was afraid it would happen again and Gabriel had not idea how to help her and ended grieving in his own way and becoming uber involved in the Thornebrook Estate.

The event of another man kissing Sophia spurred a change in both of them. With Gabriel gone for a year Sophia takes up the reigns of running the beloved Thornebrook Park and has even raised the incoming money. When Gabriel returns they struggle with dealing with the changes in both of them especially since Sophia isn't ready to relinquish her hold on running the estate.

Overall, I loved reading the entire journey of Sophia and Gabriel from book one to the end of this one. There is a great change in both of them that just reinforces the love they share for each other.

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