Thursday, August 13, 2015

ARC REVIEW Wedding Matilda by Heather Hiestand

Book six in the Redcakes series by Heather Hiestand, Wedding Matilda, doesn't quite have the same magic as the other books. I love this series I have read all of them, as much as i enjoyed the idea of this book the characters and the plot this one seemed really drawn out almost like it should have been just a novella. Ewan I loved, Matilda because of the stress she was going through I can't complain because I have no idea how I would react in that kind of a situation.

Ewan Hales has been a background character for the previous books. Matilda Redcakes has faded in to the background since her major taboo by not marrying the father of her child and has since taken over the cake factory in Bristol. Ewan and Matilda know each other through work but don't work with each other very much if any at all until the quality of  the cakes in the last shipment is lower than normal. It leads back to the flower they got had something added into it.

Ewan always thought he was an orphan, he was recently visited by a solicitor and informed he is the only heir to Earl of Fitzwalter. The old man is a right bastard gives Ewan an ultimatum work for him in one of the little factories or nothing at all. Upon hearing the the problem with the Redcake cakes is the flower from the factory owned by Fitzwalter Ewan chooses that factory and solve the problem or else lose one of their best clients.

Matilda Redcakes has a hard enough time running the factory and raising her son she doesn't need the added problems of bad flower but that's just the beginning. Soon after tracing back the supplier of the bad flower her son is kidnapped. Everyone drops everything to help Matilda especially Ewan. After seeing Matilda again after herself opposed seclusion to Bristol he has felt a connection to her. From then on out the story is all about finding the boy and Ewan convincing Matilda she should marry him.

Overall, I did enjoy reading the book but I think it was too long for the storyline.

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