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BLOG TOUR Hot in the Hamptons

Summer Dreaming by Liz Matis Summer Temptation Wendy S. Marcus Summer Sins by Jennifer Probst 

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I’m looking for a hero. Not.

 You'd think as a new college grad I'd be looking for the perfect job and the
perfect man. Well, I'm not. Summer is here and instead of plotting my future,
I’m playing in the Hamptons with my two best friends. Sun and sex is all I’m looking for. Then I meet Sean Dempsey, my fantasy lifeguard in the flesh. But

he is more than just a hot bod with a whistle. And after he makes a daring save,
I'm thinking a hero is exactly what I’ve been looking for all along.

To the rescue…

 By day I guard the beaches in the Hamptons, by night I’ve had my fair share
of summer flings. Then I meet Kelsey Mitchell, a girl with eyes like the setting sun and I burn for more. Something I have no right to ask of her…forever.

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

Each book is a stand alone, it isn't necessary to read all three of them but it's nice to get the whole picture if you do. The story of this book was good it was entertaining, I just didn't care for the characters. Sex on the first date isn't really what I enjoy reading, I like the build up the sexual tension.

Kelsey is at a crossroads in her life, she just graduated and now she doesn't know if she wants to settle with a job back home or continue her education in Europe. But for now she isn't going to worry about it. She is going to spend the summer at her best friend's summer house in the Hamptons and have fun and hopefully a meaningless summer fling with the Hampton Hottie.

Sean Dempsey is biding his time as a lifeguard until the end of summer when he leaves for bootcamp, settling down isn't in his plans. It was just suppose to be a fling with the tall lean blonde, he never expected her to take a place in his head and heart. But Kelsey just buried her father who was a career Marine, now she must decide if she wants to risk her heart to Sean. 

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 Meet Leigh DeGray...

 After graduating college with honors and landing the job of my dreams in New
York City, I'm off to The Hamptons to spend the summer with my two best friends.
My life seems perfect, right? It’s not. The truth is, I have a secret that may make
the future I'd planned so carefully completely fall apart. A hot summer romance is
the absolute last thing I’m looking for... Until I meet a man who tempts me like no
other and shows me a hot summer romance is exactly what I need.

 Meet Nick Kenzy...

After two years of working my ass off as a Wall Street analyst, I’m out of a job,
with no warning, no thank you, and no severance. Am I angry? You're damn right I
am. So when I head to the Hamptons for the weekend to spend time with my granddad, I plan to regroup and relax before I return to the city to hit the job
search hard. I don’t need any distractions. Then I meet Leigh. Suddenly, a
summer temptation makes me question everything I want for my future...

 Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

I liked Leigh and Nick, I liked their whole romance and the initial meeting was classic. The story was sweet and romantic. 

Leigh had it all planned out, she already got accepted to a high end PR firm even before she graduated. But she has hit a bump in the road that can threaten to derail her whole life. She has the summer at the Hamptons before she starts her job to figure it all out.  

Nick Kenzy has worked his butt off the last two years and was just fired, now he needs to find a way to support his Grandfather until he finds a new job. He has always loved his grandfather's home in the Hamptons and never expected to fall in love with the girl who was nice enough to eat lunch with a lonely old man. But he has to work through her defenses and prove he won't let anything get in the way of their love.

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Summer fun before my wedding...

I have one goal this summer. Hang with my besties for some much needed sun,
sand, and relaxation while I put the final touches on my idyllic wedding. I didn't
count on meeting a smart-mouthed, bad boy biker whose gaze burns hotter than a
beach bonfire. I never planned to lose myself, body and soul, and question my
entire future. Now, I have to make a choice that’s tearing me apart, and could
shatter the lives of the two men I love...

Turns into summer sins....

I have one goal this summer. CHILL. Do nothing. Nada. I need simple before I have
to head into Manhattan to take on a high powered position on Wall Street. I didn't
count on a dark haired, inky- eyed spitfire who'd spin my world upside down, or
make me burn for things I never thought I wanted. I vowed to make her my
summer fling, but had no idea she was claimed by another. And now that she
possessed not only my body but my soul, the stakes are too high for me to lose

Love burns hotter in the Hamptons. Come play.

One of my favorite authors so go figure this is my favorite of the three. Storme and Holden are a perfect fit, if Storme would let it happen. I loved the story, I was afraid it would be too much like her other book Searching for Always, it's not it's practically the opposite.

Storme and Philip are best friends, always have been, and with pressure from their parents it seemed logical that they get married. Storme wanted the summer in the Hamptons with her friends with Philip in California she was finalizing up last minute details for the wedding. But Storme is torn, as much as she loves Philip as a friend she really doesn't want to be married to him and she really doesn't want to run the family winery, Storme's passion and talent lies with fashion. She never counted on a sexy beach bum to awaken a passion in her she has never experienced before.

Holden is on a break from work and is spending the summer at a friends house being a beach bum; and that is exactly what Storme sees when they first meet. Holden can't get the luscious brunette out of his mind, but when he finds out she's engaged he's pissed. Then she offers a summer fling before she gets married, his passion vetoes his common sense. Storme and Philip both expressed concerns about their relationship and agreed the summer a break to decide. (concerning Philip I called it). Now Storme must make the decision heart over family.

All three of these books are well worth reading.


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