Saturday, September 12, 2015

ARC REVIEW Following Her by Melody Anne

More Melody Anne greatness. This Contemporary Romance has a touch of suspense, it still focuses on the romance and seduction between Ella and Axel but the reason they are thrown together is a bit of suspense. I always enjoy reading Melody Anne she is always easy and gratifying read.

Ella got involved with the wrong guy, and also her boss. When she found out all the illegal stuff he was involved in she quit and immediately went to the DA with everything she knew, now her life is being threatened and whiles she thinks she has it handled her cousin is worried and calls in a favor from his partner. Axel is supposed to be on vacation instead he is babysitting Ella, but one look at Ella and he's a goner. Ella doesn't need a babysitter and she doesn't need to fall in love with an FBI agent but despite his highhandedness to protect her she still falls for the FBI bad boy.

Ella is fearless and she thinks she has it handled but Axel knows better and goes above and beyond to keep her alive. In the end Ella's hardheadedness just might get her killed.

Overall, this was a quick and enjoyable read. I really love everything of Melody Anne's that I have read.


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