Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ARC REVIEW Heat of the Moment by Katie Rose

The Boys of Summer are back! Yeah, I love this series. Katie Rose brings us a new player, Gavin King traded from the Dodgers to the Sonics because an injury. The injury if not treated properly can end his career; good thing the Sonics have Jessica Hart one of the best Physical Therapist in the biz. I love these two they had such a great romance. As always Katie Rose writes wonderfully it pulls me in and I don't want to leave even after I finish the book.

Gavin King just got traded, and even before he was officially told it was on twitter. The Dodgers just couldn't risk and injured player on their team and had no trouble trading him to the New Jersey Sonics. The Sonics had faith in him, that he would get better with the right PT and be even better than before. It was a bit of culture shock for Gavin Jersey being so different from southern California but his new team mates welcomed him like family and even PT looks promising.

Jessica Hart swore off baseball players, you know what that means right, you swear something off and sure enough it's going to happen. Jessica had a bad boyfriend, he's a girl in every city kinda guy and when she caught him cheating it was from the newspaper. Jessica loves sports comes from a family of athletes and the only girl which makes her brothers very protective especially after the last guy. So far Jessica has had no problem keeping the players at a distance, even though one of them is very insistent, until Gavin. Their is an attraction between Gavin and Jessica but Gavin has a girlfriend back in Cali and Jessica's strict no baseball player rule. That all goes up in smoke when the girlfriend breaks up with him after admitting to cheating and Jessica's bad ex-boyfriend shows up again wanting her back. After an emotional encounter with the ex, Gavin is their a shoulder to cry on and needing comfort and wanting to feel wanted Jessica and Gavin have a very heated encounter. Gavin has come to the realization that Jessica is like no other woman, and he won't stop until she admits she wants him just as much. He just has to convince her that she is worthy of being loved for who she is and that he is the right guy for her. Things never run smoothly they have their bumps in the road and Jessica runs scared but Gavin doesn't give up.

Overall, this was another great book for the series it mentions past characters and see how their HEAs are going.    

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