Thursday, September 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW Re-issue/New Cover: Pretty Poison by Lynne Baron

Pretty Poison has a new fabulous cover. I was lucky enough to get this book from Lynne Baron in exchange for an honest review. It was no hardship at all. I really love this book.

Pretty Poison isn't your typical romance. I loved it, I have never read another story like this. Lynne Barron has a talent for taking her Heroines and lowering them as far as they could go and then having them claw their way back up and a Hero that stands by them no matter what. 

Emily Cavert is an American heiress who has burned her all her bridges with her tomboyish and scandalous ways her only hope of finding a suitable marriage is to go to England and make the match her aunt thinks is perfect for her. Emily was spoiled and she wasn't looking forward to what her father was forcing her to do on the way she got sick and was given laudanum. Unaware Emily slowly became addicted to the "pretty poison". The sallow, drugged version of herself is just a hollow version of her true self and doesn't make a good impression on Nicholas Avery. Nicholas has made no secret that he is need of an heiress, his father is set on making him a match with Emily but after a few meetings decides to look elsewhere. 

Six months later Nicholas and his family are invited to a hunting party and he comes across a beautiful woman he mistakes as the stable masters daughter, so different from the girl he met in London he doesn't recognize Emily. Nicholas' love for Emily grows and grows in the passing days, even with the other heiress flaunting themselves at him he only has eyes for Emily. Emily is scared that he will be like every other man she has known and not loyal for this she tries to keep him at arms distance even more she is afraid of what he will think of her when he finds out about her addiction to opium. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book so much, Lynne Barron really is a great story teller.

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