Tuesday, September 8, 2015

ARC REVIEW Too Hard to Handle by Julie Ann Walker

This is one of those time I am mad at myself for not discovering this series earlier. This is book eight in the Black Knights Inc. series and despite the characters meeting in a previous book and this picking up from that a couple months later it is very easy to get sucked to the world of the Black Knights. And just in case you don't know the series what you learn from this book is that BKI is a super secret government organization with the cover story of a motorcycle shop and take their orders directly from the president. There are a lot of guys and some have wives and all of them it got kind of confusing but for the story they aren't important. The important ones there is no confusing them. Dan "The Man" Currington and Penni DuPaul met during an assignment the attraction was instant but circumstances and feelings separated them.

Three months after what Penni started calling "The Assignment" she finally has flown to Chicago to have a much needed talk with Dan. Only when she gets to the Black Knights warehouse Dan is not there. Not thinking anything bad could happen two of the Black Knights, Becky and Ozzie, set it up for Penni to fly to Peru. Dan is in Peru with Dagan Zoelner and CIA agent, Chelsea Duvall, tracking the rogue CIA operative that stole a bunch of information from the government and caused the big clusterfuck that caused the death of several people. The last thing Dan expected to see in the courtyard of a small Peruvian village was Penni. The old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" has never been truer than with Penni and Dan. If it wasn't for the fact they they were in the middle of a mission Dan would have taken Penni right then and there. The problems just start piling on with the appearance of a Russian agent looking for the same traitor. Dan, Dagan, Chelsea, Penni and the Russian aren't the only ones looking for the guy they have another killer on their trail who is leaving no loose ends or witness. Action and suspense and so many close encounters Dan and Penni finally get a moment alone together after they capture their guy only to be interrupted... again.

Penni and Dan fell hard but there is still so much they don't know about each other, like the fact that Dan is a recovering alcoholic or the that he is a widower who lost his wife two years ago. Penni has a secret of her own the real reason she left the Secret Service. But can these secrets tear them apart or tie them closer together.

Overall, I am ready for Dagan's story. I need to find the rest of the series, this one was great it was exciting and really hot.

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