Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ARC REVIEW All I Need is You by Wendy S Marcus

All I Need is You is book two of Wendy S. Marcus' Loving You series unfortunately I have not read the first book I must remedy that asap. Another unfortunate accident I had the worst earworm because of the series name; Loving You sung by Minnie Riperton is not my favorite song and it is very easy to get stuck in your head, so curse you for that Wendy S. Marcus! (and also Burger King for having that song back in the late 90's in one of their ad campaigns). Okay on to the book, I love this book! I enjoyed the characters, their conflict and how they reacted to the conflict, and how they dealt with that conflict; and I always love a book where the romance starts with a letter.

Neve James is a talented and beautiful dancer who attracts attention wherever she goes. Rory McCoy is the son of a family so Boston Irish Catholic that they even own a Pub they all live above. Rory joined the military to do his part, he is completely selfless always going out of his way to help people. Neve has always seen herself as completely selfish, acting with only her own good in mind, but you see pretty quickly she is her own worst enemy. Neve gets talked into joining a program to write to a soldier overseas, she gets Rory. The camaraderie between the two is quick and the fact that Neve isn't shy in the least that friendship quickly grows to something more. When Rory is home on leave Neve surprises him with a visit and fulfilling one of his fantasies but quickly gets interrupted by a young woman claiming Rory is her fiance. Neve had one rule when it came to her and Rory's relationship not cheating and when they are interrupted Neve flips out.

A couple months down the road after Rory finally out of the military before he even goes home he finds Neve to explain everything but when he finds her she is sick. She donated bone marrow to her eleven year old half-brother, she in turn for doing a good deed gets a bone marrow infection to top it all off she has an audition for Cirque du Soleil, her dream job. Neve needing help with antibiotics and just someone to make sure she doesn't exert herself Rory volunteers it also gives him the perfect opportunity to explain what happened and that he really doesn't have a fiance and that he truly has feelings for Neve.  Rory is also dealing with PTSD and he is finding himself at peace when around her, she is helping him cope. The feelings are there, the intentions are right but Rory and Neve aren't being honest with each other and when Neve's past comes to bite her in the butt Rory reacts wrong and Neve is heartbroken and Rory is thrown back and PTSD rears it's ugly head. Neve thinks that starting over and leaving everything behind is the only way to escape who she was. After reacquainting herself with her birth mother and getting all the facts about her abandonment she sees things differently and being alone starting over she realizes just what she has to do.

Overall, this book has it all. Love, friendship, misunderstandings, reunion, action a bit of suspense, sex in a car, I really really loved everything about this book.

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