Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ARC REVIEW Blind by Sidney Bristol

It's no secret that I love Sidney Bristol, and this is exactly why, her romantic suspense, Blind is very much one of my favorites now. The story is creepy and gritty and scary how realistic it is in a way that this could happen. This book was suspenseful and it was like I was watching a thriller movie. Two people who are connected by horrific circumstances and tortured pasts. Two people brought together and find the connection is more than just the darkness inside them. This book is the start (I really hope she write more) of a something really creepy and exciting, a new series in a Criminal Minds/The Following style.

Years ago Oklahoma City was terrorized by a serial killer named TBK; Torture, Blind, Kill. The year before she was born, Emma Ration's father watched the mad man torture and kill his parents. The killer was caught and died in prison. Emma has spent her free time researching and digging up everything she fond about the serial killer who ruined her father's life. Jacob Payton is the son of the arresting officer and lead investigator of the TBK killer and now he is lead investigator of what looks like a copycat. In hopes of discovering something new Jacob contacts Emma in hopes of looking at what information she has found. Jacob immediately feels a connection to her, it wasn't just her beauty or her tattoos or even her take no shit give no shit attitude it was something deeper. Emma feels the attraction too, even after she learns that he is a cop and why he initially asked for her help she can't help but feel safe with him.

Emma may have just inadvertently attracted the attention of the copycat. He starts targeting people she knows people she has had contact with. The FBI gets called in a specific group of people who specialize in this kind of thing, Jacob welcomes the help he knows by himself he is over his head. But is Emma's connection coincidental or intentional the Behavioral Analysis Unit pin pointed Emma and even brought her in for questioning, but Jacob pulls himself off the case by admitting he is her alibi for the night of one of the murders. Knowing Emma won't accept any other help he plays her personal body guard.  The copycat killer is so much more and is quickly accelerating and starting to act off the script. Emma, Jacob and the BAU dig deep into Emma's past to find out who would be behind these new string of murders targeting her.

Along with Emma and Jacob's story it touches in to the BAU and it's agents. Overall, this is a fantastic and thrilling and creepy read great for late nights when you can't sleep, cause you wont want to sleep during or after reading the book.



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