Saturday, October 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW I'll Never Let You Go by Mary Burton

Book Three of the Morgan's of Nashville series, yea! Oh my gosh this book! Alex Morgan the tight ass of the family shows a softer side when Leah Carson walks into his life. I loved this book it was constant sitting on the edge, anticipation of what's going to happen next. It had a Shyamalan kinda twist, well I wasn't expecting it, but then looking back I'm thinking how could I miss it. Mary Burton is great, I love her suspense, the romance plays second fiddle to the romance but the romance always feels sincere never rushed; her characters are realistic and strong. Even the sections from the pov of the killer gives more to the creepiness of the book.

Leah Carson had the courage to leave her abusive relationship, and what did it get her stabbed twenty-three times by her crazy ex-husband. Leah almost died if it wasn't for the fact that she slept with the phone under her pillow, 911 on speed dial, and an experienced police officer who kept her from bleeding out. Four years later she is getting to the point where she wants to move on with her life she is a vet at a local Nashville clinic. She still keeps a meticulous journal of the day's events more habit and OCD then paranoia these days she even is willing to start dating again.

Alex Morgan works for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, other cops either tolerate him or despise him. His brother Deke has called him on his latest case; a torso is found, that's it just a torso that was also burnt to a crisp. Alex was called in because in in a bag close by was the business card for a vise cop, Deidre Jones that Alex just started investigating. The initial reason Alex asked Leah out was because she is friends with Deidre, but it wasn't the only reason, he feels a connection with her an attraction he hasn't ever felt with anybody ever before. Alex isn't the only one with ulterior motives, Deidre befriends Leah for reasons of her own, but before she could accomplish her mission she is murdered, stabbed twenty-three times.

Leah is becoming increasingly paranoid, things that her ex did before the escalated and tried to killer her have been happening again and now with Deidre killed in the same manner that almost took her life and especially since she found Deidre's body she's struggling to remain calm, after all her ex is dead. When Leah finally trust Alex enough to confide in him everything that's been happening, Alex finally tells her he doesn't think her ex is dead. The relationship between Alex and Leah is slow moving, the attraction is definitely there but the trust is slow going and Leah soon realises that when Alex commits himself to someone he does it wholeheartedly, he may not show his emotions, but it's all in the little things he does and nothing will stand in the way of him protecting Leah.

Overall, this is a great book for the season. It's creepy and intense a great nail biter.          

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