Thursday, October 1, 2015

ARC REVIEW Rising Storm episode 2: White Lightning by Lexi Blake

Episode Two, White Lightning is brought to us by Lexi Blake. Lexi Blake is the writer of the Masters and Mercenaries and the Thieves series. I have only read one of her previous books I enjoyed it. Funny enough my problem with the book I read before and this book are pretty much in the same, I hated the main female character. This episode is centered around the conceited self absorbed Dakota Alvarez and the fall out after the disappearance of Hector Alvarez. We do see some of the other characters, it is just like a soap the layout of the character story lines intersect and play out; a little bit here of one person a little bit there of someone else. There is something that was kinda hinted at that I would love to see; a little bit F/F and who it is between is what I'm giddy about. Again like a soap a lot goes on but nothing really happens; okay I take that back something big does happen but, just like a soap, it cuts off right before it happens so you really don't see it.

Narcissistic Dakota Alvarez has to blame someone for her fathers disappearance and she lays the blame firmly at the feet of her mother. Joanne is scared she doesn't know what to do now, everything is in Hector's name and she doesn't make enough at the florist shop to pay the mortgage and bills. She's lost and knows she can't go to her father for help. Sheriff Dillon knows he has to hold off it would not be appropriate to make a move on Joanne now so soon, but he does know her worries and arranges a new job for her, working as an assistant to the towns matriarch. I think it is a requirement for all soap opera story lines to have a patriarch/matriarch that rules the roost; Marylee Rush is Storm's. The mother of Senator Sebastian Rush and she is very much the politician she is a controlling overbearing woman who knows exactly what is going on and as long as it doesn't affect the family image or her son's political career she doesn't care. She puts on a good face being nice to everyone because everyone she is nice too is a vote for her son. Sebastian Rush is looking for his latest piece of ass and he has his eyes set on someone young and gullible, he should have learned the first time getting involved with Ginny not to shit where you sleep but this young nubile girl he can't resist.

Overall the only reason I disliked this one was because of my extreme dislike to both Dakota and Senator Rush who are predominate in this book. I look forward to seeing how things are going to play out with the characters that I like. So two episodes down six more to go I have my fingers crossed that it gets better, but just like a T.V. show I'll get through the first season and then make a decision on whether to continue on or not.      

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