Saturday, October 17, 2015

ARC REVIEW Searing Ecstasy by Setta Jay

Book seven of Setta Jay's Guardian of the Realm series, I am so excited this one popped up on Netgalley. If you saw my series review the other week you know this series started rocky for me but it really sucked me in, it is such an addictive series and now I'm cursing the fact that I have to wait for more. Especially since I inhaled this book, I was so excited to find out how Drake and Delia were going to be together and also Sander and Nastia get over themselves and finally finish the bonding. Another thing I love the warnings Setta Jay gives at the beginning of the books, always very amusing. This is a series where it is best if you have read the others first.

Apollo has been wakened and now he's missing again, only thing time he was taken by an unknown enemy with powerful weapons. Drake's only solution to this problem is to wake up Hades. We see more of Pothos in this book as well since he is playing his father's keeper trying to find out everything Hades might know about the unknown enemy. Hades knows something he just isn't willing to tell yet. Luckily Nastia has the power to get into people's minds without them knowing and helps find the truth. Meanwhile the mating bond between Delia and Drake is getting stronger but the two animals she has thanks to the forced bonding Cyril did, she is constantly at war with herself. When it gets worse Hades comes in and helps Delia so Drake and her can finish the bonding and even has an idea on how to get rid of the drug induced pheromone.They finally do figure out who was behind the kidnapping of Apollo and just what they are up against and a deep dark secret Hades never told Pothos. Nastia was hurt bad in the last book when she was hit by the unknown enemy's weapon now Tasha is pushing her to finish the bonding so she can gain the immunity that Sander has, and they do end up burning up the bed sheets, literally. Nastia wasn't the only one hurt in the last book Sacha, Bastian's adoptive mother, was hurt and has been unconscious since but ummm... that's for the next book. It's not every book that has me laughing maniacally at the end, hell I'm still laughing about it now I can't wait.

Overall, this was another good one for the series, I loved the joining of Drake and Delia's bonding and the amusing bonding of Nastia and Sander. I look forward to the upcoming books especially Sirena's.    

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