Monday, October 26, 2015

ARC REVIEW Zara & Xin by Jade Kerrion

So Jade Kerrion has both Zara and Xin ebooks releasing today! Zara and Xin are both part of the Double Helix Women series. Zara takes place in between books two and three of the series. Xin takes place after the last book. I am no stranger to this series and I do not hide the fact that I love this series. Jade Kerrion writes in a why that tangles you up inside emotionally and satisfies your sci-fi addicted brain with brilliant ideas and excitement; this is after all Zara we are talking about, anything that can go wrong will and more than likely explode or die. Zara is such a strong woman the only thing that has ever knocked her off balance was Danyael. Xin has always been a mystery not much has been said about her past just that she is a clone of a Chinese Warrior Queen. These two books give an insight to how both of their minds work and why they may have made the decisions they did and quite a bit more about their pasts. Zara is filled with action and subterfuge and Xin is action and medical science gone horribly wrong.

Zara has the habit of acting before she thinks and that has always lead her straight into trouble it also gets the job done. In this book Zara's Uncle calls in a favor; a group of girls has been kidnapped by one of the local terrorist in Zara's hometown in Beirut. Zara flies in with SEAL team Three to rescue the girls one, one whom is the daughter of a U.S. ambassador. Before Zara can leave she learns she is pregnant, almost into her third trimester. Zara knowing this has got to be Galahad's baby wants to terminate it. Her doctor advises against it but Zara knows the hell she and the baby would go through with Galahad as the father. Not to mention Galahad has turned into a bit of jerk.

Zara while in Beirut steps into a big pile of political bullshit. Conspiracy shrouded in secrets covered in lies, and Zara is stuck in the middle. Soon she is on her own trusting no one, trying to rescue those she calls friends. Meanwhile she is constantly thinking about Danyael and trying to figure out her feeling for him; the feelings she never wanted to let herself feel, the kind of feelings she told herself she should have had for Galahad and not Danyael. You find out more about Zara's past and for once she actually stops and thinks about her actions before she acts on them. Basically WWDD, What Would Danyael Do?

Xin, gee where to start because there's so much you don't know about Xin there is a lot in this book. You discover so much about her past and how it shaped her into who she is. You discover just how guilty she feels for Danyael going to the maximum security prison and almost dying. One night she meets with Danyael and finds out he was going to work with the National Institutes of Health. Danyael has a bad feeling about the people, Xin tells him that as an Alpha Empath his gut feelings account for a lot and should act on it. When she digs a little deeper she discovers some startling information. When she tries to contact Danyael again to warn him she is too late he is already on his way to China. Xin must do something she never thought she would do, she is going back to China... with her mother. Okay so she's not her mother in the traditional sense. When Ching Shih, the clone of China's notorious Pirate Queen Zheng Yi Sao, fled China with a baby Xin, she lawfully adopted Xin as her daughter.    

Xin works it out with the Chinese government to "visit" but soon realizes they need her help. A series of murders has been happening the locals are calling it a vampire and there is also a new drug out that is killing people. Xin agrees to help as long as it doesn't get in the way with what she and Danyael have to do. But things go from bad to worse and it seems like all hope is lost, man if she gets Danyael killed Zara will kill her.

Overall, these two book are outstanding. A great addition to a fascinating story.    

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Zara and Xin. I'm so glad you enjoyed them!