Saturday, November 7, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Bad Boy CEO by Sugar Jamison

The Bad Boy CEO is the start of a new series for Sugar Jamison (at least I hope it is). Well Sugar has created three brothers that I fell in love with; completely different personality types but that just makes them lovable in the way that they are different. I love the way Sugar Jamison writes, and how she describes Zanna, I love that she made her resemble Raquel Welch. The story was enjoyable and the characters are very memorable.

This book centers around the middle brother, Colt, but has small views into the other brothers love life as well. Duke the eldest and the creative one, Colt the middle child and the brains behind the whole business. and Levi the baby and the T.V. star former race car driver. The brother all act like they don't like one another but they do, everything Colt has done is to make sure his brothers stay safe and together. After Duke got out of jail and started doing custom car stuff Colt made it possible for the Duke King brand name end up everywhere. When Levi started to risk his life racing Colt made a job for him host and star of the King's Customs' shop reality show. Colt is gruff but very loyal, when his aunt called up the brothers and said that she was dying and needed them home. Forced to go back to their hometown they swore they would never return to the brothers pack their bags and leave to back to Destiny.

From the moment Zanna held her shotgun on Colt wearing nothing but her underwear Colt knew he was a gonner. Zanna is leasing a room from Lolly, the King brother's Aunt, and she wasn't expecting anyone to walk into her home let alone a gorgeous bad boy. Zanna has sworn off bad boys, she has a weakness for them but they are always getting her into trouble, so much trouble she's hiding out from her last boyfriend. Zanna is determined to stay away from Colt and Colt never having felt this way before is determined to steer away from the drop dead sexy woman. Aunt Lolly has other plans. She wants Colt to modernize her beauty salon, and help the manager bring the shop up to date. Little did Colt know the manager is Zanna. Together, after Colt stops acting like he knows everything, they start to clean up and fix up the shop. Colt has a big chip on his shoulder when it comes to the people of Destiny; growing up they were always the poor trash of the town, but now with a multi million dollar empire he is determined to show everybody how that is no longer true and that he is so much better then them now. The sexual chemistry between Zanna and Colt is combustible and in no time they are burning up the sheets. Zanna isn't expecting much from Colt she knows he's not here to stay, but all that reminding doesn't stop her from falling in love. Both they both must get past their issues, Colt and his chip on the shoulder and Zanna and her past.

Overall, this was a fun read, and I hope that we get the full story for each of Duke and Levi romances.      

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