Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ARC REVIEW Ex-Con by M.S. Parker and Shiloh Walker

An outstanding pairing with these two authors. M.S. Parker and Shiloh Walker is a great read. It's not one of my favorites but it is definitely a great read if you are a fan of either Ms. Parker or Ms. Walker or love misunderstood bad boys. I am finding that I enjoy a good anti hero or just an alpha who got sucked into the wrong situation and then seen as a bad guy. This story is written in the first person from the POV of Bobby Cantrell, our "bad boy". I am really picky about first person stories, only because I am stingy I like knowing everything; and I'm not usually keen of male POV, but this was a good one. The story was predominantly focused on the relationship between Bobby and Carly, as well as Bobby coming to grips with being worth more than what he thinks he is. There is also a suspense aspect that ends with a climatic and very exciting ending.

Bobby Cantrell just lost another job because of his ex-con status, saving every last penny he has he chooses to walk the six miles home on his way home fate intervenes. Carly Prince is the daughter of a very famous and very loved singer and has lived in the spotlight all her life. Carly is looking for a new bodyguard, and after a good looking stranger saves her from getting run over then putts himself between her and the paparazzi all without knowing who she is; Carly knows she has found her man all she and her current bodyguards have to do is convince him to take the job and his ex-con status doesn't matter. The sexual chemistry between Bobby and Carly is like a powder keg ready to explode. The two are crazy for each other but Bobby has issues dealing with his ex-con status and not feeling worthy of the job, feeling worthy of Carly and everything that has been happening to him. Bobby becomes good friends with the older bodyguard that he is replacing. But things happen and Bobby and Carly are kept apart. Meanwhile, both Carly and Bobby have been receiving threatening letters centered around the crime that Bobby committed.

Overall, this was a really good quick read.  

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